Fun with non-creature spells! Use Shu Yun, Silent Tempest and his talented Jeskai monks to bring the pain as fast as possible. You have two routes to victory: Pump Shu Yun to 11, give him double strike and win; or, go wide with tokens cranked out by Monastery Mentor , Young Pyromancer , Docent of Perfection  , and Talrand, Sky Summoner .

This deck is seeking to be a "cheap spells matter" deck, leveraging noncreature spells that cost up to 3 mana. Since this is a non-green deck and is therefore more hard pressed to get "big mana", my approach is casting lots of small spells to gain incremental advantages.

Still in prototype form, so suggestions are welcome!


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So As Foretold might just be crazy in this deck. Since so many of my spells cost 1 or 2, this makes counting to 11 that much easier. Being able to leave up an extra mana or two will mean I can fire off another spell or get the double strike trigger in. All in all, it seems worth testing.


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