I am a on/off standard player that wants to get into EDH. I enjoyed for a time "theory crafting" decks on my phone with the help on my 'brother' and EDHrec. I was looking around at the themes one day thinking of what to make next when I landed on the idea of group-hug I looked at the list they had and said a flat no because fk blue. So I thought "are there any (other) not blue commanders that could fit the bill?" Went and looked it up and found Xira Arien step one done. Now came the fun of finding support that I thought would fit in with the idea I had for group-hug and because of the color pairing I thought "what if the 'group-hug' had teeth?" So I found as many 'selfless' cards as I could and am more recently noticing I forgot to add in a check system to people throwing there free s#@% on the table.



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