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Silas Renn & Ravos - Artifacts Matter

Commander / EDH Artifact Reanimator WUB (Esper)



This is a deck that heavily focuses on the use and recursion of artifacts. It has Silas Renn and Ravos, Soultender as partner commanders at the helm of this "artifacts matter" EDH Deck. Briefly I'll go over the cards that make use of/do the sacrificing and the various effects of recursion. Then I'll give a short list of notable synergies. And finish with the various ways you can close out games.

Sacrificers: Arcum Dagsson, Kuldotha Forgemaster, Time Sieve,Thopter Foundry, Trading Post, and Ashnod's Altar

Self Sacrificers: Burnished Hart, Command Sphere, Aether Spellbomb, Executioner's Capsule, Expedition Map, Mind Stone, Unstable Obelisk, and Skullclamp (with conditions)

Recursion: Silas Renn, Scarecrone, Sharuum the Hegemon, Beacon of Unrest, Nim Deathmantle and Buried Ruin

Notable Synergies: -Thopter Foundry + Sword of the Meek for great value, goes infinite with Grand Architect

-Infinite turns with Time Sieve and Thopter Assembly

-Mycosynth Lattice and either of the Tezzerets, decent with Marionette Master + some sac outlet

-Ashnod's Altar + Nims Deathmantle goes to an infinite loop with any creature that enters with one other creature (IE Sharuum with something in your GY like sad robot) and produces infinite mana as well with anything that enters with a total of 3 or more creatures (IE Whirler Rogue, Marionette Master, Myr Battlesphere)

Ways to end the game: any of the infinite combos listed above, going wide with Myr Battlesphere and/or any of the various Thopter creators in the deck (Anthem effects or stuff like steel overseer helps), Magister Sphinx followed by some beat face, either of the Tezzerets, Marionette Master (things like cranial plating help), and unblockable effects with cranial plating or steel hellkite + infinite mana. Those are probably the most common ways to win with the deck but it's flexible enough to produce wins with many different strategies. This I'm part is what has kept the deck interesting for me, retaining a lot of replay value. It's flexible enough with different play groups, being able to win by turn 4 with more tuned decks and just avoiding the use anything infinite with my more casual groups. Hope this helps you with creating your own artifact deck or you have fun with it if you take the deck close to as is. Thanks for checking it out either way =]


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