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Silas Renn and Tymna's Introduction to Robotics

Commander / EDH Artifact Casual Theme/Gimmick Voltron WUB (Esper)



Esper Artifacts. There's a lot of room to build around that.

Our small evasive creatures are good at utilizing our Tymna the Weaver 's ability to draw us cards post combat.

Silas Renn is used more as a value engine than anything else. His deathtouch ability makes it unfavorable for a lot of players to block, even when he's only 2/2.

My other favorite cards in the deck are Myr Battlesphere (it's probably one of my most favorite cards if all time), Stoneforge Mystic (because I can't play her in Modern), and Sphinx of the Steel Wind . You don't know true power until you've thrown three Sword's of of X and Y on that bad boy and had a 12/12 flying lifelink vigilance protection-from-all-colors beater. Now that's living.

The deck is sort of removal-lite, which is okay, because we can rely on our extra card draw and utilize the graveyard to get extra value.


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