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Sigil Captain and his token army

Pauper EDH* Counters GW (Selesnya) Pauper Tokens



This deck wants to get out your commander early and then swarm the battlefield with 1/1s - ahm, I mean 3/3s, either very good ones on a single creature card that can have heavy impact on the board, or multiple tokens with one card just to go wide.

It even has an infinite combo in it with Devoted Druid, Presence of Gond, and Ivy Lane Denizen.

I kinda want to play Search for Tomorrow main deck to make it more likely being able to cast the commander on turn three, but I don't know what to take out for it. I've already ditched the awesome Battle Screech because there's no paper print of it in common rarity and I want to build my pauper deck with all the cards having a black set symbol.


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This deck is not Pauper EDH legal.

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