Budget Sigarda, Heron's Grace EDH Deck for only $50, minus the cost of the Commander.

At the time of completion, April 30th 2017, the deck was priced at $50.82 with Sigarda, Heron's Grace priced at $1.45

Bringing the deck to a final total of $49.37

This has become the highest rated Sigarda, Heron's Grace Commander deck on Tappedout thanks to the community and their support! It was awesome making this deck and creating the primer. I look forward to making more great decks! Thanks everyone!

Sigarda, Heron's Grace actually wasn't my first choice. My playgroup and I decided to build budget commander decks with randomly selected color combinations. Obviously I received Green and White. Once this was decided I thought it was time to bring back my old Selvala, Explorer Returned commander deck that I had deconstructed, but this time make it budget. At first I was excited, but then I felt like there wasn't anything that I really enjoyed using to build around Selvala. After much deliberation I finally decided on Sigarda, Heron's Grace, and I must say I am not at all disappointed with my choice. The deck is very powerful and incredibly fun to pilot. There is always something going on and tons of interaction with other players. I hope you find this Primer useful and hopefully it encourages you to give the deck a shot and maybe build your own budget deck. If you like the deck and Primer make sure to leave an upvote! Thanks and enjoy!
This is why I chose Sigarda, Heron's Grace to be my budget commander.

Sigarda, Heron's Grace is a very straight forward, yet versatile commander. She offers much more than you would think at first glance. When I began constructing the deck I started with a purely Human Tribal theme. I was actually not very interested or happy with the deck, but I knew Sigarda wasn't the problem. I looked beyond the typical Human Tribal cards and noticed that the enchantress cards are all humans. These cards are straight gas and are core to the deck. Mesa Enchantress, Argothian Enchantress and Verduran Enchantress are all ridiculous cards and being able to inherently give them protection with Sigarda made them just that much better. I'm already a huge fan of any enchantment build, but being able to support it with a stable human tribal creature base gave the deck that extra push to make it incredibly strong. Not only are my enchantments fueling my deck, but they are helping support creatures like Hamlet Captain and Thalia's Lieutenant. These creatures are supported best with anthem effects like Glorious Anthem. With my enchantments pumping my creatures and helping me dig through my library, the deck can get out of hand pretty quickly; all while being protected by Sigarda. She can even be used in a bit of a voltron style with cards like Ethereal Armor. She also helps provide double value for almost anything. Any creature that dies or removal spell used is converted back into a creature using her second ability. Plus it will recieve her hexproof effect and any other effects already present on the battlefield. Sigarda is also super useful in that she protects you. Burn spells, sacrifice effects and mind control abilities are mostly shut down by Sigarda. Another great thing about Sigarda is that she is not vital to the deck's success, at least in this build. If she is put back into the command zone, the deck still goes on, having her out is simply a bonus. Sigarda, Heron's Grace really provided everything I needed in a simple way that allowed me to build freely yet effectively; ultimately allowing me to create a powerful deck that is tons of fun to pilot.

This is why I chose not to use some of the other popular Green/White commanders over Sigarda, Heron's Grace.

Rhys the Redeemed: Rhys is obviously one of the most incredibly powerful and extremely popular Green/White commanders. I already have a token deck so that kind of pushed me away from choosing him. But the primary reason is because a lot of the more powerful token based cards in green and white are a little bit expensive. Doubling Season and Parallel lives are a bit costly for budget. The new Anointed Procession is another that isn't as expensive but just expensive enough. I also didn't want to rely on some form of elf build without protection. Sigarda, Heron's Grace gives that protection inherently. Cards like a Elvish Archdruid and Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite are critical to a good Rhys deck and are high value targets for my opponents, but finding cheap protection and having to include it wouldn't be easy. Without really big finishers like Papa and others, I did not feel that Rhys the Redeemed was the right budget investment for me.

Trostani, Selesnya's Voice: Trostani is a commander that I really like​. She is very straight forward, good and cheap. Her life gain effect is very good and I don't think she would be too difficult to build budget. But I personally am not a big fan of the "Populate" ability. I don't think it is powerful enough. If I'm investing mana into an effect I want it to be worthwhile and I don't think that copying a single token is worth that mana. Cards like Growing Ranks and Rootborn Defenses are actually great cards with the populate effect, but its just not an ability I want to build a deck around. If you're copying a 5/5 Wurm created by an Armada Wurm that seems pretty solid, but relying on always creating a good enough token worth copying is not a strong foundation of a deck to me. Another thing is, while lifegain is very good, I don't necessarily like it as a commander strategy. Commander damage is a thing, and you could be at 100,000 life and a small 21 damage could knock you out. Trostani, while I believe to be a fantastic creature, is simply not the kind of commander I want to build around.

Karametra, God of Harvests: Karametra is a very cool commander. Tutoring for a basic or non-basic Forest or Plains land everytime you cast a creature is super sweet. I considered her for sure. But I didn't go with her because if I were to build a Karametra commander deck I would want to do some type of Landfall based build. But cards like Avenger of Zendikar and Admonition Angel, though extremely powerful and some of my favorite cards, were just a bit too expensive for a budget build. There are plenty of other great Landfall cards, but none powerful enough within budget that I really liked to warrant a Karametra build. Rampaging Baloths, while within budget and actually not a bad landfall card, I just didn't think it was enough to really fuel a good landfall deck. There are others like Zendikar's Roil and Retreat to Kazandu that would fit very nicely in a budget Landfall build, but not even that would make me want to build it. Karameta's effect on it's own, even without any Landfall effects, is still great. But after awhile, especially and Green/White, I feel like I just don't need all these lands. The ability becomes irrelevant after awhile and it does so a bit more quickly in a budget build. Plus I definitely won't be searching for any Temple Garden, Canopy Vista or Scattered Groves in a budget deck. Karametra, though incredibly useful, just didn't provide what I needed in budget commander build.

Gaddock Teeg: Gaddock Teeg, I personally am just not a huge fan of. Some of his most popular core cards are just entirely out of budget. Cards like Thalia, Guardian of Thraben, Linvala, Keeper of Silence and Grand Abolisher are all incredibly good and very control based. But I am not a big control player. I don't mind letting other players play their game and dealing with it when needed. Gaddock Teeg on the other hand straight locks out a lot of cards. Not only that, but in a budget playgroup a lot of the cards he would be locking out are probably not going to be present. Green Sun's Zenith, Gilded Lotus, Damnation, and Liliana Vess are some of the most common and best cards that Gaddock Teeg can shut down. Almost all wraths and planeswalkers are turned off. Since this deck will only see play when my playgroup is running their budget decks, I didn't really worry about seeing these cards and Gaddock Teeg shutting them down. At the end of the day Gaddock Teeg is really just not my kind of commander.

Selvala, Explorer Returned: Selvala, I really really love. She gives you what every magic player wants; mana, life, information and card draw, all for just tapping her. This is the original reason I built her. She is just great value. I had a lifegain build with her before I deconstructed her. Some of my primary cards were Archangel of Thune, Alhammarret's Archive and Trostani, Selesnya's Voice. She was pretty fun. But it was really just a Green/White good stuff deck with a lifegain foundation. Even though Green/White good stuff is a good deck, to me it just didn't really do anything specific that I liked. As I stated before I don't really enjoy lifegain decks anymore having used one. Selvala is another card that I really like as more of a card for support than a commander that's worth building around. She wouldn't have been too difficult to build as a budget deck, there's some decent budget Green/White good stuff cards like Soul of the Harvest and Sun Titan. But there's a lot of insane cards you would be missing out on, and I really just didn't want round two with Selvala, as such I opted out of building her.

This will explain the purpose and core cards of each custom categories listed above. Though some may be self-explanatory, this will still give some more information into each area before diving into cards specifically.

Removal: Running a deck with white in it in Commander opens up some of the most iconic and powerful removal spells in Magic. Despite it being budget I couldn't play a white Commander deck without running Swords to Plowshares. I really wanted to run Path to Exile as well but it wasn't within budget. The removal in this deck comes in a lot different forms. Banisher Priest is great example. It its a creature, thus adding to our board and receiving any benefits to creatures we have out, all while exiling a creature. Along side creatures for removal, I'm also running cards like Oblivion Ring. This card is excellent because not only does it exile essentially anything we want it triggers any enchantment based ETB effects on the battlefield, adding to its value tremendously. Along with creature removal there's some artifact and enchantment hate as well, which is seen in Sundering Growth. The removal in this deck is very powerful and almost always at your disposal. Most of the time this deck will be targeting permanents that prevent a certain number of creatures from attacks, cards that prevent card draw, any effects that giving -1/-1 effects to creatures. Because this deck needs it's creatures to win and without the card draw most of the gas that this deck can supply is negated.

Ramp: Green is by far my favorite color in Magic. Ramp is one of the reasons it is so. Being able to do things faster and searching for lands is great. Artifacts also help with this, but if you're deck is running both green with the necessary artifacts you'll be in good shape. I loved selecting the ramp cards for this deck. Cards like card:Fertile Growth are fantastic and provide nice ramp without being easily removed or typically targeted by removal. You can also tutor for them with Heliod's Pilgrim because they are auras. Along with these auras the deck includes plenty of great artifacts, including Sol Ring, everyone knows Commander decks are 99 cards and a Sol Ring, even in budget, so I just couldn't go without it. Lastly, what is a green deck without mana dorks. Avacyn's Pilgrim is a fantastic card, I love when mana dorks tap for something more than green. I also love when they tap for more than one mana, which is why I included Whisperer of the Wilds, phenomenal budget card, and it's fast and cheap. The decks ramp usually pushes it that extra mile it needs to get things done. Having an extra one or two mana available is perfect in this deck because it can be invested into so many different things. Sigarda's second ability, Mentor of the Meek, and Spirit Bonds are all excellent places to just put that extra mana. The ramp is this deck helps it go faster, but in most cases it jusr really helps you get stuff done.

Utility: These cards are either multi-purpose or just act as safety nets for the deck. A good example of this is Spear of Heliod. It's a great multi-purpose card. First of all it triggers all enchantment ETB which is what we want above all in the deck, but its true versatility shows with its own abilities. First it acts as a low cmc anthem effect. It's second ability is it's removal, which is always great to have around for immediate access. Like I mentioned the utility is also about keep more board stable and providing backup and safety nets for my important cards. Auramancer can be used to keep our most valuable cards out of the graveyard and Sphere of Safety keeps you safe. If something goes wrong and the creatures are cleared out, The deck may take a turn or two to recover. During that time Sphere of Safety is perfect for making sure you don't die.

Pump: These are mostly anthem effects that make the creatures big. These are vital to helping you close out the game. A bunch of 1/1 creatures can get you there after awhile, but in a multiplayer game this would take entirely too long and give your opponents plenty of time to win the game themselves. Thus, these pump cards will get the job done. With the anthem effects like Gaea's Anthem, creatures can reach a maximum of a consistent +8/+8. Along with cards that pump over time, like Cathars' Crusade, the creatures can get even bigger, and with the amount of creatures this deck can put out, the board can get very scary, very fast.

Draw: Card draw! Who doesn't love card draw? It's what makes things happen! Sure you need land and mana, but what's the point of that if your hand is empty. Drawing cards is one of the best things this can do. Most of the card draw effects come from the enchantresses. Argothian Enchantress and Mesa Enchantress are vital to the deck and are incredibly powerful. Typically the deck will draw cards and a lot of them from these effects, but straight up draw spells are still very good, especially Shamanic Revelation, it has net me tons of cards in past games.

Combat: These cards offer effects that are more than just the typical pump or anthem effect as well as things that can make the difference in the combat phase. deck:Defense Formation is honestly a gem. I hadn't seen this card before making this deck and was surprised by its price. I think its completely underrated and under priced. This card can help kill off big attackers, it may even keep a player from attacking you at all. It's a great card. Archetype of Courage just wins you combat. Not only that but it's a human solider and an enchantment creatures aka pure gas. Lastly cards like Frontline Medic and basically combat tricks in themselves and can allow you to swing more freely with your creatures, knowing you won't lose them during combat. It's actually pretty scary to have on the board, because your opponents know you aren't afraid to start swinging.

Tokens: Though small, I enjoy being able to put out a large amount of tokens, especially in a deck like this where they can so easily get huge. The thing that makes them so incredibly powerful, yet viable in this deck, is the simplicity required to get them on the board. Spirit Bonds you just pay and extra white for any creature you put onto the battlefield, Sigil of the Empty Throne just makes the enchantment game so much better and Launch the Fleet can very easily set you up for a win the following turn. The best thing about the token producers in this deck is that you basically just get them. There's so planning or really any extra mana having to be used. Most are you get a token whenever you do anything you were going to do anyways. They also really give your board that extra presence that needs to be a problem for everyone else. In this budget playgroup I don't need to worry about any good board wipes or a Toxic Deluge getting dropped, and its unlikely that anyone would want to waste a removal spell on a token. These effects really help set this deck over the top, because there's just always more going on and you don't have to really do anything for it.

WinCon: These are the primary ways to close out a game. The ideal Win Condition that I would prefer to use is swinging out with a Beastmaster Ascension in play. It's simple, straight forward, easy to get off and will win the game. Another way to win the game is with Sigarda, Heron's Grace herself. She's really not a bad voltron option. A five drop 4/5 with flying is already a good start to getting you there with commander damage. Hope Against Hope and Ethereal Armor make Sigarda bigger by just piloting the deck. It makes her bigger with the two resources the deck makes use of most; creatures and enchantments. Another great thing about this Win Condition is you can tutor up both of these cards with Open the Armory as such. It's won before and even if Sigarda can't kill everyone at once, eliminating one player from the board is always beneficial, that's one less player that can disrupt your board. The last Win Condition is cool, fun, but extremely risky. Starfield of Nyx can easily close out a game, suddenly the number of creatures you control doubles. As you usually I have about a 1 to 1 ratio of creatures to enchantments and most of them are going to be either a 2/2 or a 3/3, not to mention all the anthem effects. Now that's super cool swinging out with all of your enchantments to win. Though now they are totally exposed to creature removal. If a board wipe hits, you basically lose, it would be extremely difficult to come back. Though it is an extremely unexpected and completely viable Win Condition. This deck can win in any number of ways, each are unique and are counter differently, keeping your enemies on their toes.

Tutor: The nice thing about this deck is you do not need tutors to win. Whatever you draw will probably be fine in any scenario, plus you're drawing a lot anyway. Although any cheap tutor is always great. Heliod's Pilgrim tutors but is also a creature, increasing your boardstate as well as receiving any pump effects. Rampant Growth is just a solid land tutor. It's one of favorite searches. And I will only ever run the Mirage version. It's simple and quick, and with a lack of non-basics in a budget deck this works just fine. You can't run a green deck without at least one land tutor. Another great thing is Heliod's Pilgrim and Open the Armory can search for some Win Conditions, as previously mentioned. Though somewhat overlooked is the fact that they can search for Wild Growth and other cards like it, allowing you to search up the ramp, thus making the deck even faster and more powerful. The tutors are small in number due to the lack of budget options, but the ones in this deck are just what it needs.

Fatty: These creatures are similar to the enchantments that usually end up on Sigarda. They grow in size directly from the permanents this deck uses most. With 22 enchantments Yavimaya Enchantress can be an explosive 3 drop. It's the same with Crusader of Odric, with 25 creatures, including the Commander, plus all of the token protection, this card can be massive. Each Fatty will obviously be dependent on the time of game in which they are cast, but on average they'll enter in as a 6/6, which for 3 mana in a budget format, that's excellent. I only stuck with a smaller number of these creatures, because they don't really do anything but be big hitters, and are reliant on the rest of the board, so too many of them would be a bad idea. I will mention though, that Thalia's Lieutenant is fantastic and works a bit differently. When the card enters, everything immediately gets bigger, which is great for only 2 mana. Though the best part is, as you continually lay creatures, your other fatties will grow in size, but Thalia's Lieutenant instead gains counters. So if anything happens to your other creatures, he will remain big, while the other fatties will decrease in size. Making him incredibly consistent and something good early game.

Land: Most Primers will usually say "Self Explanatory" and leave it at that with the land section. I don't really like that because land is obviously extremely critical to any deck's success. There isn't much to talk about considering this is budget, but there are a few things worth mentioning. It is probably noticed that the land count is a bit low, sitting at only 32. Though I love a low average cmc, in this case the deck's is only at 2.76 which is very very good. As such I don't need that many lands anyway, but the main reason for lowering it was, since the deck draws so many cards, and even if it is at the time. I noticed times where I would get mana flooded. So I dropped the deck down to 34 and it was still too many. So I finally ended with 32 being a solid number, It is possible to even drop down to 30, but I would need to do a little more testing and play more games with it. The number of land auras and the mana dorks do make a significant difference, so this deck could get away with 30 lands, maybe. Another thing I would like to mention is I typically try to have an even number of basics, but with the 60% of the deck being white, I found that I would draw an unnecessary amount of forests, thus bringing my land base to a more balanced 20 Plains and 10 Forests. Temple of the False God is obviously just a Commander staple I had to make room for and it helps pay extra costs, like strive in Launch the Fleet or Mentor of the Meek. It's nice to have around. The mana base for this deck has been very consistent.

This is why every card was selected for the deck, some are my personal favorites, others are key to the deck and others are just good additions.

Archetype of Courage: This card works phenomenally in the deck. It's a human creature so it will receive all benefits on the battlefield. It's also an enchantment, so it will trigger any enchantment ETB effects. It will help the deck win most any combat, first strike goes a long way in any budget build and it's only a 3 drop.

Argothian Enchantress: This card is one of the keys to the deck, one of the cards the deck was built around. It's a human, its only a 2 drop and getting it out as soon as possible with get the deck powering right through to the win. The amount of card draw this card alone provides with the number of enchantments is incredible.

Auramancer: This card is backup, just in case one of the key cards is removed. It's primary targets include Enchantress's Presence, Beastmaster Ascension and even Sphere of Safety. All of these cards are powerhouses and forcing your opponents to deal with them twice can be big problems. To top it off Auramancer is cheap and a 2/2 human, not a bad creature at all.

Avacyn's Pilgrim: Obviously just good ramp. The standard mana dork, only it taps for white mana, which is not only really cool, but what the deck would actually prefer a mana dork tap for. It's also a human and is a great attacker late game like most other cards in the deck once the pump spells start hitting. Avacyn's Pilgrim is also great for taking care of that one white in Spirit Bonds or even casting a Swords to Plowshares unexpectedly while you're tappedout.

Banisher Priest: It's a Journey to Nowhere on a 2/2 stick for 3 mana, and a human. This card is sick. It can take care of really any problem, good blockers, something that's swinging at you over and over. It just deals with something and can beat face mid and late game.

Celestial Ancient: This card is actually one I overlooked and didn't know about until it was mentioned to me. But it is really really good. At 5 cmc it's almost the highest on the curve of the deck, but does it do work! A 3/3 flyer for 5 with an effect that works perfectly in the deck is great. It adds on to the number of effects that happen when putting out an enchantment, and minus card draw, this may be one of the more powerful ones. With 22 enchantments at my disposal, this guy can really pump up my creatures and best of all it pumps up itself, all of which, with counters.

Crusader of Odric: As mentioned early, the deck runs 25 creatures including the Commander. This card is going to be big. Not to mention any additional tokens created by Sigarda, Heron's Grace, Spirit Bonds and Sigil of the Empty Throne. Now all of these cards have even more value than before by having out Crusader of Odric.

Eidolon of Blossoms: It's another draw effect based on enchantments. So it just gives me more gas. Another great this is that not only does it allow me to draw as soon as it enters. But it itself is also an enchantment. So it will trigger all my other effects. And I don't really have a problem paying 4 for this effect considering how much it provides, the amount of ramp I have and it's a 2/2.

Eidolon of Countless Battles: This card is just sweet. It's a cheap 3 drop considering how massive it will be in this deck, recieveing a +1/+1 from not only creatures, but also auras, which I didn't even realize at first. But my favorite thing about this card, as well as just the Theros block in general, was Bestow. I think it's an incredibly powerful and underrated mechanic. For only 1 more mana I turn one of my already good creatures into a fatty and if something happens to it. I still retain a fatty. It's just value. It's never a bad play.

Fiend Hunter: it's a human and quick cheap removal. Sure it returns the exiled card after it leaves, but it's unlikely someone will spend the time to remove a Fiend Hunter, also keep in mind, any removal done by a human is going to be even more difficult to undo because Sigarda is giving them hexproof.

Frontline Medic: I kind of overlooked this card a couple times before I realized how great it really was, especially in that build. Once this guy is out. I can essentially swing freely without any worry of losing my creatures. Giving everything indestructible for attacking with only 3 creatures is straight good. And you're going to come out of every combat just fine, but your opponent won't. The second ability is just a bonus. I don't see myself ever using it. But if there's a wrath effect being cast, it's probably worth it.

Hamlet Captain: This guy is nice and straight forward provides an anthem effect during combat. But what I like is that he does it both when he attacks and blocks. Makes him much more useful. Plus he's a bear and has no downsides. Just some nice support to have out. Plus he will receive the hexproof that my other enchantment anthem effects won't.

Hanweir Militia Captain  : The Hanweir Militia Captain isn't why I'm running this card, it's only for the Westvale Cult Leader. A bear on it's on doesn't really do anything for me. I need effects that build or support my board. Westvale Cult Leader does this brilliantly. Getting a 1/1 at the end of my turn may not seem like a big threat, but if I have any number of anthem effects or creatures that grow based on number of creatures, just one of these tokens entering is a big advantage. The nice thing is the Hanweir Militia Captain isn't hard to flip at all. And he's definitely not a target for anyone, meaning he'll flip pretty much everytime.

Heliod's Pilgrim: It's a tutor on a human. You can't go wrong. Typically I'll be searching for ramp like Wild Growth if it's early game or if it's late game a WinCon to put on Sigarda like Ethereal Armor. Laying this card before combat in the late game could get you what you need to just actually kill someone.

Herald of the Pantheon: Another card that's just sick. He's a an enchantment himself. He makes all my enchantments cost less which is insane in this deck and he provides a nice little effect when an enchantment enters. See I really really like variety. I want a smörgåsbord of effects when an enchantment enters, not just card draw. So simply gaining some life I like. Really there's nothing this card doesn't do. He's a great edition to any enchantment build.

Intrepid Hero: Not a bad little guy. He's only a 1/1, but the fact he has a Smite the Monstrous on a stick is huge and makes him incredibly useful in this build since big creatures can be a problem early on.

Juniper Order Ranger: This card is typically used as a combo piece, or any deck with proliferate effects. I placed this card in utility, because it is a pump effect. So my guys get a little help when they enter, but at the same time he's always getting help. So he's a fatty. So I classify him as utility since he does 2 things at once. And the nice thing is, both happen naturally. I don't have to pay anything extra for it. 5 drop is a bit much. The hope would be to get him out much earlier with ramp. But budget games tend to go on quite a bit longer than normal Commander games. So there won't ever be a bad time to play him.

Mentor of the Meek: After playtesting I actually considered removing Mentor of the Meek from the deck. Because with pump effects out, when my 1/1 or 2/2 enters they'll be too big to trigger Mentor of the Meek. So I was thinking it was useless. But really, he's just such a good place to put that extra mana and he's just insane if I get him out early game. He can really put you so far ahead of everyone ​else. In this deck you'll probably draw twice if not three times as many cards as everyone else in the early game with him out. He's really too good to pass up.

Mesa Enchantress: Clearly a key to the deck. Absolute gas, only a 3 drop, it's a human. It's exactly what I want and I that's to draw cards, lay creatures and do it fast.

Odric, Master Tactician: Realistically, Odric could be placed under WinCon. If I get his second ability to trigger, which I will. I basically kill someone, or do mass damage. With the amount of guys I'm swinging with and how much they're pumped, being able to make someone take it all and not block is ridiculous. I actually overlooked him when building the deck and someone told me to take another look. Glad I did. He's sweet and gets the job done.

Thalia's Lieutenant: This card is in the deck for the same reason Juniper Order Ranger is. It's a pump effect but it also pumps itself when something enters. I think the nice thing about this guy is. Unlike Juniper Order Ranger, he's much better to lay in the late game. But if laid early game, he'll be a fatty later. It really depends on what you want to do with him, he has the versatility. Also the great thing about both of them. Is they provide pump in the form of counters, which is always better to than just a +1/+1.

Verduran Enchantress: Another key of the deck. Does what enchantress' do. Draw, be human and cost nothing. They're powerful and each one is in the deck.

Whisperer of the Wilds: Believe it or not, I've always gotten the f Ferocious ability online. It's not too hard with all the fatties, anthem effects and auras making thing bigger. Even if it's not online right away it will be. Another thing is, why not run any other mana dork over this one? Since he's a 2 drop. Well the Ferocious ability is gas and the fact it can tap for 2 green is enough for me, but also, it's a Human! My mana dork is now also hexproof.

Yavimaya Enchantress: Another fatty based on enchantments and it's cheap to get out. Plus it's already a 2/2 for 3 which is kind of sick on a fatty. So let's say there's 3 anthem effects out. This creature is now a 2/2, +3/+3 from the anthems, and a +3/+3 for it's own effect. An 8/8 for 3 seems pretty solid. Another thing to keep in mind is that it gets the +1/+1 for each enchantment on the battlefield! Not just yours. So now your opponents enchantments are feeding your board.

Banishing Light: It's removal in the form of an enchantment, makes it a bit harder to be removed itself and it gets the job done while also triggering an enchantment based ETB effects. Typically this will target big creatures or other enchantments fueling your opponents deck.

Beastmaster Ascension: Nuts, this card is nuts. I've seen it close out way too many games to not include it this deck. It's completely insane and is definitely the way I hope to close out most game. I don't usually lay it unless I'm going to swing with seven creatures that combat and immideatly get it online. I don't want to leave it open to any removal, and if there is something that gets removed and will be target to be removed, it will likely be this card.

Cathars' Crusade: This card is actually pretty crazy. I've always been a really big fan of it and it feels good finally having the perfect deck to run it in. I typically like about 3 creatures a turn if, so giving everything else already out 3 +1/+1 counters that aren't going away for just casting the creature I was going to cast anyway is exactly the way I like to play.

Collective Blessing: I think this is the biggest anthem effect there is. +3/+3 is gross. Sure it's a 6 drop, that's kind of a lot, especially in a deck with the average cmc being under 3. But with the ramp this card an come out pretty quick and it's worth the mana, the board gets scary instantly.

Darksteel Mutation: This is a fun card, it's humiliating removal. Typically I don't like Commander hate in any game. Because it's just not cool to continually target someone's Commander, I mean the deck is built around it. So if you just keep killing it, what's the point. But this card is sweet for Commander control. Because you don't kill the Commander, so they can't just recast it. You make it completely useless and that's a lot more powerful then standard removal.

Defensive Formation: I think this card is a hidden gem. It works great in this deck. So if someone swings a 10/10 at you, that's gunna hurt and personally I'm not a fan of the chump block, having someone do it to me, or me doing it to someone else. It's just boring combat. And really in this card I can't afford to be chump blocking a 10/10 each turn and nobody wants to just eat 10 damage. So that's where Defensive Formation comes in. If a 10/10 comes your way you block it with enough creatures to kill it, plus one. But then you decide the damage. So put all of the 10/10 creature's damage onto, let's just say a 1/1 token and then all the other creatures you control kill the 10/10 and are unharmed. It's a super sweet card.

Dictate of Heliod: A pretty beefy anthem effect, +2/+2 is pretty good, plus it has flash which is kind of useful just because it's a bit unexpected in this deck. But I'm mostly running it strictly for the massive pump it gives my guys.

Enchantress's Presence: The most expensive yet most powerful card in the deck. It provides the gas for the deck while also activating Enchantment based ETB effects. Being that it is an enchantment, unlike the enchantresses it becomes much harder to remove. The card is nuts.

Equinox: This is actually more of a meta play. Another friend in my playgroup is running a good number of Mass Land Destruction which I can't stand. He used to be running more. But I still find this card worth it to keep around because, nobody really expects your land to counter a Mass Land Destruction spell. Plus it's an enchantment, so it helps fuel the deck. You can check out my friend's budget Jhoira of the Ghitu deck that I had mentioned right here; Suspending My Spending.

Ethereal Armor: A very cheap, very reliable WinCon that can be tutored for. Slapping it on Sigarda makes her an instant threat that will either by you time. Allow for politics in your favor or just killing one of your opponents on the spot. It gets the job done.

Fertile Ground: These are the kind of effects I love and are what come to mind when I mention; "putting that extra mana into something". This is the card that provides that extra floating white for Spirit Bonds or the extra floating mana for Mentor of the Meek. This is one of the cards that can allow this deck to be set apart from the rest. It allows you to get so much more done and gives you any color you need. Plus it can be tutored for.

Gaea's Anthem: A cheap, straight forward anthem effect. In most EDH games this card isn't that big of a deal, but in any budget build it's a big deal, plus it triggers by ETB effects for enchantments

Glorious Anthem: Another one fo the anthem effects, it's literally Gaea's Anthem but white. Triggers my ETBs and can go a long way in a budget game.

Honor of the Pure: About 65% of the deck is white and the majority of my creatures are also. Every single token I make is white. So there's reason to not run this card, plus it's only a 2 drop. Now for whatever reason, if you're building this deck, but want to sneak in a Beast Within or something and you need to make a budget change to accommodate for Beast Within's price, simply change this card to Crusade.

Hope Against Hope: Another WinCon that can be tutored for and put on Sigarda to kill someone. Really I'm not worried about the first strike effect. Sure that makes it more viable to go on something other than Sigarda, but at the end of the day I really just want to put this stuff on her.

Oblivion Ring: Again, super cheap and easy removal, hit anything I need it too and it's hard to remove being that it's an enchantment. Plus it triggers all ETB effects that I care about most.

Overgrowth: Ramp! Straight ramp! This card is sweet, provide not one, but two extra green upon tapping a land is crazy, plus it can be tutored for! It's really really good to get out early game. And again, it provides that little bit of extra mana for Mentor of the Meek and such.

Sigil of the Empty Throne: Not including this card would be a huge mistake. Really this card can just put you ahead by so much. A 4/4 flyer every single time I cast an enchantment is crazy powerful, and realistically this card could be a WinCon itself. Sure it takes sometime, but the board gets out of hand quick and there's not a lot your opponents can do.

Sphere of Safety: I know all about this card, but for some reason I didn't even think about it until I was about to call the deck done. But this card can seriously save you. No is going to be able to attack you with all these enchantments out. A 5 drop seems kind of high, but even if it gets removed the turn after, it still buys you a turn. It's just something that has to be removed. It's really really good.

Spirit Bonds: I've talked up this card so much throughout the Primer and that's just because it deserves it. I didn't know about it until building this deck, but it is crazy! It doesn't seem like much, but it really takes this deck a long way. With the amount of mana I usually have available this makes the board accelerate uncontrollably. Plus the spirits have flying of course and they're probably not 1/1s for long in this deck.

Starfield of Nyx: Obviously a WinCon, a fun and risky WinCon. If you're going to play this card, you better win or remove it yourself if you don't. it's too much of a gamble to keep laying around. It definitely can win the game, because most of the enchantments are going to be 3/3s on average, plus all the creature buffs and anthem effects. The board is completely out of control. But one simple board wipe or anything. You are set back to basically turn 1. That's not good. Use at your own risk.

Wild Growth: Again, another ramp card that can be tutored for, it helps at the green that the deck doesn't have in lands. I found myself drawing too many Forests since only about 35% of the deck is green so making up for the lands and providing some bonus mana with this card is perfect.

Commander's Sphere: It's ramp in the form of artifacts. Standard to really an Commander deck. But I like this card a lot actually. It provides every color I need. At not too bad a cost. But if I lay it late game. I probably don't need more mana, so I can just sac it for a card. Not too bad. It's actually came through for me a couple times.

Darksteel Ingot: More artifact ramp that can't be removed. As well as providing me with any color I need. It's just useful and good to have around.

Helm of the Gods: Another WinCon to be placed on Sigarda. It's a little different since it's an artifact, but it can be tutored for all the same. And most certainly provides the same punch needed to finish someone off.

Lifecrafter's Bestiary: I actually wasn't going to run this card at first, but it's pretty sweet. It's cheap. But it's something I can put my extra mana into whenever I lay a creature. And it allows me to draw which is super good. This deck also lacks on scry effects so this is actually kind of sweet. It's just great utility, I love running it.

Selesnya Signet: The signets are standard to any Commander deck really. I had to run it, it's super good and I always love to get it out early game.

Sol Ring: The Commander Staple. Need I say more?

Spear of Heliod: Great utility card, a cheap anthem effect with a removal spell with a bit of condition, but nothing to extreme. Typically it will hit black creatures because more than likely they'll have some effect hurting your board.

Aura Mutation: I think the Mutation cycle is underappreciated. They're really cool. Removing something and getting creatures for it is awesome.

Condemn: Excellent removal even outside of a budget build, this card can deal with threats more effectively at times than just putting it into the graveyard.

Oblation: It hits anything I need it to and that's why I'm running it, also a great card beyond budget.

Repel the Abominable: I was never a guy to use a lot of combat tricks, as I typically don't run red or white. But since I am running white. I thought a combat trick that allows this deck to win any combat any time is a must have.

Smite: This is just too good. One white and I don't even have to be the one blocking. And if someone is swinging with a creature they probably plan on getting the job done with it. Having it suddenly removed hurts.

Sundering Growth: Great removal, with a bonus effect. Not too worried about the populate as I am with the cheap instant speed removal, but getting to possibly copy an Angel is kind of sick.

Swords to Plowshares: This is a white Commander deck. I'd be doing it wrong if it wasn't in here. Budget or not.

Erase: Extremely cheap enchantment removal at instant speed. Not only that but whatever you hit with it is permanently gone. This is incredibly powerful in budget, especially because you don't have a lot of alternatives to you use once something is gone. The primary reason for the inclusion of Erase is a bit of a meta play for my group, some of the more powerful budget decks I play against are the Theros block gods. So in my case, this basically says "exile target God", and that's what I need, even if the commander just goes to the command zone it does throw a wrench in their operation and buys me some time.

Harmonize: If you're playing green in Commander you really​ should be running this card. It's excellent for non-budget and budget decks and just gets you going again if you run out of cards.

Launch the Fleet: Honestly I haven't had a big crazy moment with that card yet. But honestly, dedicating a whole turn to it. And then swinging, well, it could be a WinCon itself with the right anthem effects out and enough creatures. And it's cheap. Think about it, with 8 creatures and 3 anthem effects you're swinging for roughly 24 damage at the absolute minimum. Now with Launch the Fleet and additional 8 creatures some in, all receiving the anthem effects, the damage has just doubled to 42. That's huge and can clearly end the game.

Open the Armory: A nice cheap tutor to pull out ramp or WinCons. It's perfect for the deck and a budget build.

Rampant Growth: I love land tutors. I could only really find a spot for one in this deck, I'm sure I could fit in more. But for now the deck works and Rampant Growth gets the job done.

Shamanic Revelation: This card is completely crazy and has done so much for me in past games. I typically have 6+ creatures out. And drawing 6+ cards for only 5 mana is crazy, not to mention any bonus Fercious life you gain. This card is clutch and gets you going again on keeps the deck chugging right along.

Sheer Drop: I'm not too concerned with the Awaken effect, but taking care of a creature is pretty big, especially because the condition isn't too bad. If a creature is super important it will probably be tapped at some point. 3 mana also isn't bad, it's a great budget card no doubt.

Selesnya Guildgate: It gives me both colors I need, it's budget. And I don't need to many of these lands since so much of the deck is white. Also I'm sure your wondering why not run Blossoming Sands or Graypelt Refuge for the life gain. Which I should. But I'm running this for pure Selesnya theme, that's it.

Temple of the False God: A cheap Commander staple. It provides great extra mana and I never have a problem having the 5 lands out. It's just great to have around.


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