An enchantment voltron deck with a full compliment of enchantresses.

Maybeboard contains some ideas I'd like to add as budget and availability allow.

Suggestions and comments welcome.


Updates Add

Added the wonderful Hall of Heliod's Generosity and removed Temple of Plenty to make room. Not a fan of lands that enter tapped.

Added Generous Gift and removed Krosan Grip . Split Second isn't needed much in my meta and Generous Gift can hit a wider range of targets. Plus, giving my opponents an elephant as a "generous gift" is pretty funny.

Added Heroic Intervention for the cheap, instant protection of all my stuff. Removed Three Dreams because 5 mana is a lot and I could rarely do anything with the enchantments I got that turn.

Hey remember when I took out Divine Reckoning to make room for Single Combat , less than two months ago? I decided I want more sweepers, so Divine Reckoning is back in and I removed Banishing Light instead.

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-1 Serra's Sanctum maybe
-1 Hero of Iroas maybe
-1 Brushland maybe
-1 Command Beacon maybe
-1 Reflecting Pool maybe
-1 Yavimaya Hollow maybe
-1 Wooded Bastion maybe