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Welcome to my Sigarda, Enchantress deck. This deck is focused on enchantments, card draw effects, mana ramp and commander damage.

This deck, once online, has a very powerful draw engine that can over whelm your opponents. A combination of enchantress effects, and the many enchantments in the deck it quickly gets out of hand left unanswered.

So how do we win? Our primary win condition is dealing 21 damage with Sigarda through a combination of auras and soulbond effects. Luminarch Ascension can produce an inordinate amount of angel tokens. Key enchantment peices are: Shield of the Oversoul, the umbras and Battle Mastery.

Thank you for reading through the deck. If you have any suggestions for additions or cuts please explain them below. The deck used to more creature heavy, but I have since focused in on a more streamline voltron style.


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First real update in a while. A big shift in cards in and cards out. Added in more and stronger ramp, trying out Calix.

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