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Siege Trees of Doom

Commander / EDH*



Doran, the Siege Tower and his army are ready to lay siege to civilization (I hope)!

This is my second build on a Treefolk Tribal deck for EDH and I leaned into white control and green ramp in this iteration to try to make the deck a little faster and a little more robust. Hoping to use cards like Blind Obedience, Norn's Annex, Aura of Silence and Linvala, Keeper of Silence to slow down opposing decks to a sludge like pace while I ramp up to some of the bigger Treefolk in the deck. Also taking full advantage of the colors available here with a plethora of targeted removal cards. Finally, tossed in Akroma's Memorial, 'cause theres nothing quite like beating your opponents down with flying trees of doom!

Please comment if you have any suggestions on cards I should add or remove and thanks for looking!



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This deck is Commander / EDH legal.

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