My take on the Ad Nauseam + Tendrils of Agony combo. Now that we have a monoblack tutor to use a general, the deck is more consistent than ever. The objective is to cast Ad Nauseam ASAP, draw your whole deck, cast a bunch of free spells, and win with a Tendrils of Agony. We have some discard-based disruption and Defense Grid to make sure ad nauseam gets cast. It is important to mulligan aggressively into tutors because the deck's high land count makes it likely that you will get to cast all your spells on curve. I'm always looking for ways to improve this deck and make it it more consistent/competitive. Let me know if you have any suggestions!

Since everybody likes to post what their decks can do with absurd opening hands that will never happen: Swamp Culling the Weak Memnite Lotus Petal Ad Nauseam = turn 1 win


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