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Sidisi Zombie Madness

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Love zombies ? How's about flying zombies ? If you said yes to either question, your gonna love sidisi zombie madness.

So basically the main game plan is simple. Get sidisi out, make zombies and beat face. Now I know your sitting there going "well sir that's just insane! How could that win?" Your in luck citizen. Meet living death. The more zombies you make means self mill. The bigger your graveyard the more deadly the living death. With this deck usually just up and casting living death when you can just spells disaster for other decks. Key cards here to really make the enemies hurt:Grey merchant is a huge swinger if left in the graveyard grim grin and nantuko are our creature sac outlets to power...Blood artist and diregraf captain. With the amount of ways we fill the graveyard, if we can manage grey merchant or one sac outlet and a blood artist effect, we can really put the hurting down.

So my pretties, get ready, toss your wonder in the graveyard and take flight to smash face to your hearts content.

Deck is always a work in progress. I got a list of cards I'd like to acquire to try. Suggestions and upvotes appreciated I'm always a fan to try new sweet broken commander shenanigans. THANKS!



I finally acquired balthor. I replaced green warden with him. Pretty excited to use him


Voltron3030 says... #1

It looks like you spawn oodles of zombies. Any reason you're not running Parallel Lives? That card is half the reason I built a Sidisi deck back in the day. All of the nasty blue black zombie cards AND all the token building from green, yes please. There's also good army buffs in green like Beastmaster Ascension. I also think Lich Lord of Unx would be a good win condition for your deck.

I think you have a very nice Sidisi deck though. I'm always glad to see a high creature count, which is the most important aspect of a Sidisi deck in my opinion.

April 29, 2017 12:25 p.m.

bearclaw024 says... #2

I've been messing with non creatures and have been trying to stay away from them just to keep creature count high. I really like that lich lord. I will def try that thank you !!!!

April 29, 2017 11:01 p.m.

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