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sick red deck yo

Modern Aggro Budget


used to be a R/G aggro deck, but eh and now is revamped. can go wide with young pyromancer or tall with the mage/swiftspear. lots of buff spells to make for big creatures/lots of triggers. rituals/simian spirit guide to go faster, with manamorphose to trigger prowess/pyromancer. past in flames helps with mid to late game, and lets the deck reuse all its past fuel. the singular rift bolt is more as a "why not" and can help when you know you will "go off" next turn and need the prowess trigger. the sideboard is simple, abrade for artifacts, sphere for tron/storm, pyroclasm for annoying small stuff,crypt for grave based strategies, and needle is a good all around.

please let me know what you think, i dont think it can turn one(anymore) but its a good fast red deck with many lines of play.

took out the crusader because it made for clunky feeling play, put in more card draw/card quality spells


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