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Shroudfang Ninja



Another Pauper Gauntlet S3 entry!

This is a deck from LordSaturn. You can check the discussion here

I've made small changes based on my preferences and the cards I had available.

I'm submitting in since Dan complained about the lack of Blastoderm in his life.

A bunch of small ETB creatures followed by Blastoderm and Wormfang Drake. Both Drake and Ninja can reset your Blastoderm or give you extra triggers from your ETB creatures.

SB Plan (more matchups coming)

Delver+2 Piracy Charm-2 Elvish Visionary

MBC+2 Temporal Spring-2 Vapor Snag

Familiars+2 Piracy Charm +2 Temporal Spring +2 Negate-3 Elvish Visionary -3 Spell Pierce

Stompy+2 Moment's Peace +2 Far Away +2 Piracy Charm-1 Ninja -1 Ranger -2 Mulldrifter -2 Elvish Visionary

Boros/Jeskai/Mardu Kitty+3 Hydroblast +2 Negate +2 Temporal Spring-4 Vapor Snag -1 Ninja -1 oracle

Burn+2 Dispel +2 Negate +3 Hydroblast-3 Compulsive Research -4 Vapor Snag

RUG Tron+2 Negate +2 Temporal Spring-3 Spell Pierce -1 Visionary

Teachings/Other heavy control decks+2 Dispel +2 Negate-2 Vapor Snag -1 Ninja -1 Oracle

Delver/Angler+2 Dispel +2 Negate-1 Vapor Snag -2 Ranger -1 Oracle


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