Shrine of Uro

Standard ShiltonCDXX


A night of testing and comparison —June 28, 2020

Well after putting this one together I am happy to say that it performed very well in initial testing.

I ran it in unranked for about 2 hours and got beat by mono red in one game where I didnt keep an ideal opening hand. I also lost a match to mono black discard for similar reasons.

Other than those matches the consistency was pretty impressive. An opening hand with a blue, green and white or red source, growth spiral and/or uro, chromatic lantern, sanctum of all, banishing light is not uncommon.

Even without something like the SoA in hand a Fae of Wishes is not usually hard to find.

It seems there is enough control between, Shatter the Sky, Banishing Light, and Elspeth Conquers Death to deal with most decks, but I have had to use the Fae to fetch Ruinous Ultimatum a couple of times to save my ass tonight lol.

The 80 card original version Shrines now feels VERY slow in comparison to this one, I was consistently getting SoA out on turn 4 or 5 with this new 60 card Uro version and I think this will be the version I continue to work on.