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This is a really old deck I built when I was in highschool. It worked OK but was usually taken down quickly. I thought I'd give it another go for casual night, as I still had all the cards for it.

I'm sure improvements can be made.


With Modern format being added to FNM, I'm considering moving this deck over to that format. I don't think it'll be too difficult.

Small update. I pulled out the two remaining Hymn to Tourach and replaced them with Underworld Dreams. This will help deal damage with the draw engine until the core discard engine can get up to speed.

I'm still waiting on a few cards, namely my Viridian Longbow and Barbed Shocker.

Upon further playtesting this evening, I've reduced the number of Will-o'-the-Wisp and Hypnotic Specter from three to two, and replaced them with Vampire Nighthawk. This gave me a bit more flexibility when blocking creatures that were a threat to Chandra, the Firebrand and my life total. I've also found the Vampire Nighthawks can be useful when equipped with Fire Whip or Viridian Longbow as a one-shot kill due to deathtouch.

I've also reduced the number of Hymn to Tourach from four to two, and replaced them with Liliana's Caress. I've also reduced the number of Megrim to two from four, and replaced those with Liliana's Caress as well, as they're cheaper to play.

Overall I'm pleased with the deck and will be continuing modification.

Clearly some of the cards are newer than what I used to use. I've not playtested yet so I don't yet know what improvements I can make.


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