This is a really old deck I built when I was in highschool. It worked OK but was usually taken down quickly. I thought I'd give it another go for casual night, as I still had all the cards for it.

I'm sure improvements can be made.


With Modern format being added to FNM, I'm considering moving this deck over to that format. I don't think it'll be too difficult.

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brandoncimino says... #1

I playtested the deck, and it just didn't have the speed or consistency a burn deck needs.

You definitely don't need that much mana for a burn deck. 24 Lands would be pushing it in a deck with a high curve. Consider Stromkirk Noble . It's gotta be one of the strongest red one drops out there, and will help you put pressure on the opponent before you get your combo rolling.

Vexing Devil is a good choice too. 4 damage on turn 1 is nothing to scoff at; though personally I prefer the lasting pressure of Stromkirk Noble

I know these cards move away from your main combo, but you can definitely just replace 4 lands with them or another red or black 1 drop and I think it'll help your cause significantly.

September 25, 2012 2:01 a.m.

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