An utterly chaotic disaster of a deck that completely screws everyone over and makes sure that everyone is always having fun! Loads of big splashy spells to cast with accelerants and free casting to help you use them. The aim is not to win, but rather to create good memories and crazy scenarios. Note that this is not a chaos deck, but rather a big-spells and fun-seeking deck.

Read on for an explanation of each custom category!

FUN STUFF Both the meat and the icing of the deck. These spells will surely cause some measure of chaos and fun interactions around the table. Make sure to read them carefully. These cards are probably the most fun cards to use, as they will mess everything up and provide buckets of yummy effects and reactions.

ACCELERANTS These cards generate more mana so that you can cast your crazies sooner.

CARD DRAW These cards will allow you and everyone else to draw extra cards, which everyone loves. In some cases they will even reload entire hands.

FREE CASTING Since the big spells you're trying to cast are high on the cmc, there's a slew of effects that let you cast your spells for free.

THIEVERY Steal your opponents' stuff and switch control of permanents.

COPYCATS Copy spells of interest and change targets around.

LAND Pretty cheap manabase while still being acceptably consistent. You could swap any of the lands out for better options.

COMMANDER Doesn't do anything important for the deck but has a crazy ability in itself and adds to the theme while supplying all needed colors.

This deck has been quality-tested by the FDA and by Squee. Both agree that the deck's contents are nutritional and wholesome for edh leagues and for casual groups.


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