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Shirei's Scrappers

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This is a work in progress, any help would be appreciated.

The idea is to use Shirei with the different weenies to grind down the opponents until I can get my win-con out. The deck is designed to be pretty scrappy, with the intent of getting maximum value out of my weenies.

A sub-theme for this deck is discard. Because all of my win-cons all have a flavor of jank to them, I'm pretty weak to removal or disruption. I thought of using tokens as a sub theme but that doesn't really help with my weaknesses. The best strategy I've been able to come up with is to get a durable board state with scrappy weenies and get them to discard their hand. Cards like Bitter Ordeal help a little with removing other problematic cards before they get the chance to draw them.

My current win-cons are:Blood Artist/Falkenrath Noble/Zulaport Cutthroat + a sac outlet to bleed the opponent out of life.

Bloodflow Connoisseur/Bloodthrone Vampire for a massive beater.

Lightning Coils + a sac outlet to rush them with a bunch of 3/1 tokens every turn.

Flesheater imp gives me an evasive flier with infect. Essentially the same tactic as Bloodflow Connoisseur and blood throne vampire.

Ashnod's Altar + Exsanguinate to pop every player for 40+ life.

I also have lots of card draw to burn through my deck real fast. Between Grim Haruspex, Harvester of Souls, Jar of Eyeballs, and Phyrexian Arena I should be able to churn through my deck pretty quickly to find whatever answers I need.


I decided to cut Hope of Ghirapur. It wasn't doing much in the deck to start with. By the time you are able to start using it most people will be able to answer it. Drawing into it rarely feels good. Having it in the opening hand also doesn't feel good because dropping it on turn 1 means it doesn't do anything until turn 5 when you drop shirei.


Right now I am fine tuning the list. I've reviewed ~20 other lists for ideas and I think that the current cards in my maybelist are ones that I would consider including. The problem is just finding things to cut. Ideally I would like Graveblade Marauder in the main deck because he synergizes well with sac outlets like Ashnod's Altar to swing in for close to 10 damage if he gets in. Eliminate the Competition would also be nice for removal, as well as Tragic Slip, so I will probably see if I can fit that in. Mortician Beetle would also synergize nicely with sac outlets, however once he gets the counters on him he is no longer recurred by shirei.

Apprentice Necromancer would be a nice card to have because it gives me more leeway to sac creatures on the field before I drop shirei. The same could be said for functional equivalents like Dutiful Attendant and Cadaver Imp.


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