Shirei, Shizo's Caretaker

Noteable Combos/Synergies:

Shirei + pawn of ulamog + saccable creatures + torment of hailfire / exsanguinate = giant x spells, almost always lethal given enough time

shirei + saccable creatures + sac outlet + genesis chamber = lots of myr

shirei + festering newt + bogbrew witch + bubbling cauldron = drain each opponent for 4 life and gain that much as well as give target creature -4/-4, every turn

shirei + saccable creatures + ob nixilis, unshackled = BIG flying trample, plus tutor hatebear. combine this with genesis chamber or pawn of ulamog and you're golden

obviously every other shirei + etb / ltb trigger on every creature

Doomsday- most of the time, you will want to get Exsanguinate, Torment of Hailfire, Ob Nixilis, Contaminate, and ALWAYS on the very bottom of your library Possessed Portal. Put the X spells on the top if you have access to a decent amount of mana from any source listed below. Put Ob Nixilis and Contamination on the top if you have Shirei and at least 2 creatures you can recur with her (1 sac to Contamination, 1 sac to the eventual Possessed Portal).

If you manage to get through all 5 turns, the board should look something like this; your opponents have low life totals and few permenants due to Exsanguinate and Torment of Hailfire, and anyone not running black is shut out of the game give colorless spells due to Contamination. You are sitting there with your Shirei engine, saccing 1 creature every opponents turn for Portal, and 2 on your turns for the added Contamination. Your Ob Nixilis is growing with every sacrifice, and will soon be an easy finisher. Your possessed portal is keeping you from losing by preventing you drawing from an empty library, and it’s pretty safe from destruction thanks to Contamination. The most likely worries will be artifact destruction that’s already in play, mana dorks for nonblack spells, or a Gate to Phyrexia or Scour From Existance that someone miraculously has. You sit back and look as your pet demon becomes stronger and your opponents sacrifice more and more of their permenants while you recur your Blood Artist for the 23rd time. It’s good to be king.


The big cmc boi and X spells are for when you get crypt ghast, pawn of ulamog, cabal coffers, or black market out, as you are easily able to generate a lot of mana, and otherwise wouldn’t have anything to sink it into. It also gives you a wincon through combat damage. Geth is also a good mana sink

Any suggestions, comments, or ideas are welcome, as I’m loving this deck the more I play it! This is aiming to be a good casual deck, not bad competitive deck


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