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Shirei's Creature Reject Support Group

Commander / EDH Combo Control Midrange Mono-Black Reanimator


Shirei, Shizo's Caretaker

Noteable Combos/Synergies:

Shirei + pawn of ulamog + saccable creatures + torment of hailfire / exsanguinate = giant x spells, almost always lethal given enough time

shirei + saccable creatures + sac outlet + genesis chamber = lots of myr

shirei + festering newt + bogbrew witch + bubbling cauldron = drain each opponent for 4 life and gain that much as well as give target creature -4/-4, every turn

shirei + saccable creatures + ob nixilis, unshackled = BIG flying trample, plus tutor hatebear. combine this with genesis chamber or pawn of ulamog and you're golden

obviously every other shirei + etb / ltb trigger on every creature

The big cmc boi and X spells are for when you get crypt ghast, pawn of ulamog, cabal coffers, or black market out, as you are easily able to generate a lot of mana, and otherwise wouldn’t have anything to sink it into. It also gives you a wincon through combat damage. Geth is also a good mana sink

Any suggestions, comments, or ideas are welcome, as I’m loving this deck the more I play it! This is aiming to be a good casual deck, not bad competitive deck


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