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Shireioush Businesh. (Shirei, Shizo's Caretaker)

Commander / EDH



I needed to build a deck. A powerful deck. A deck not to be trifled with. A deck that meant business. Shireioush Businesh.

This deck needs Shirei to be up and alive. Constantly sacrifice and revive your creatures. You won't be killing anyone quickly, but you will have no issue keeping folk in check and plinking their health totals down.

Super fun to play and super annoying to play against. My favorite <3


Updates Add

So, yeah. We removed like 3 cards and dropped out total price to about 200 dollars... down from 320. Easier on the wallet.

If i ever get a damnation, I will put it in, but the budget don't allow for that right now!

Viscera Seer came back into the fold as was originally recommended by several of my peers as well as spawning pool and phyrexian altar... sac outlets are a good thing to have.

Changed the line up on a few creatures... don't remember what i took out to add, but all those creatures are cheap as balls to begin with.

Land took some tweaks, removed vesuva and urborg... no need for urborg, vesuva is useful but not really crucial. Swap for Swamp.

Added a few more enchantments and put some more card recovery in... plus a Sol Ring...

THINK THATS ALL. Seems to be testing better than before with these adjustments!

OKAY. Have a good one!


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