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Lo Mein and Behold, my novel RGWB homebrew aggro deck which I have dubbed "Shere Khan eats Biscuits".

I'm not sure what a stampede mixed with an explosion would look like, but I'm guessing it resembles what this deck does between turn 4-7.

The deck was inspired by Druids' Repository . The idea of stockpiling mana while attacking was glorious to me, so I went about making a deck that can consistently get hordes of creatures and a ton of mana. This is what I came up with:

Alright, alright, alright- I want a lot of creatures and a lot of mana...Mana dorks! Birds of Paradise and Avacyn's Pilgrim fit the bill wonderfully. They give me more mana to play with, accelerate me a turn, and give me more attacking creatures (yes, even 0/1 birds or paradise will attack in this deck). They take games all by themselves as attacking on turn 3 equipped with Sword of War and Peace is often lethal. Between these guys and druids' repository, this deck can accelerate out a terrifying board presence or threaten with massive "X" spells like Bonfire of the Damned, Fireball, and Divine Deflection

Lingering Souls and Midnight Haunting provide tons of creatures to attack with. The tokens are more difficult to block than most creatures due to their flying nature, so I don't lose many to blockers and hence can keep the attacking numbers high. So what does one do with 6 1/1 fliers on the board? Well Overrun, Gavony Township, Sword of War and Peace, and Rally the Peasants turn 1/1 fliers into terrifying bringers of pain, death, and pot stickers (I picture gavony township as a meeting place for potluck parties where the spirits eat and turn into fatties). The recent addition of Elspeth Tirel means I can gain tons of life & threaten her ultimate. More importantly, she insures I am not dead in the water after most mass removal spells. As long as I have her in hand, I can go balls to the wall with my token spells :)

Oh, yeah- and for even more ridiculousness- Lingering Souls, Midnight Haunting , Fireball, Devil's Play, non-miracle Bonfire of the Damned, Rally the Peasants and Overrun can ALL be copied by this little lady:

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P.S. If you were wondering about the name- this deck makes me happy, so does the name- that's all there is to it. If this type of deck does get popular, I doubt "SKEB" will be the name found in the deck hubs....buuuuut HONEYBADGER DON'T GIVE A SHIT! :P


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I recently added Elspeth Tirel and Divine Deflection to add stability vs a number of decks in my store's meta. There is a ton of aggro, a few of which if you don't block (which this deck never does- blocking is for chumps (get it?(and yes, I do study math and hence am unafraid to put parenthesis within parenthasis))), will kill just as fast as mine does. Divine deflection has the potential to dish out plenty of damage as other "X" burn spells do, but has a game-changing bonus of buying me an extra turn to attack. All too often I find myself thinking, "dang, if I had just one more turn, I would have won". Elspeth's +2 ability has a similar "live a little longer" effect. Both of these also help vs mass removal. Divine deflection can save my board from Thundermaw Hellkite and small bonfires. Elspeth's -2 means I can go balls to the wall and cast all my creatures and token spells and not be dead in the water after a mass removal spell. With 2 elspeth and 2 bonfire of the damned, that's 4 cards with the potential to wipe the opponents board while leaving my own relatively unharmed. BOOM! Much needed stability added! Woo!

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