OATHBREAKER: Aminatou, the Fateshifter

SIGNATURE SPELL: Eerie Interlude

She's troubled. Very troubled. And angry. Always so angry.


So this deck is sooooooooooo fun to play. I can't stop tweaking it. Aminatou, the Fateshifter is the kind of deck you can build a hundred different ways....from artifacts to blink to ninjas and the list goes on and on. Anyways, this deck has win cons, let me tell you! I'm not sure about all of them yet but basically it's a blink deck that abuses Enter-the-Battlefield and Leave-the-Battlefield triggers. Take Watcher for Tomorrow for instance.

When it enters I get to look at the top four cards of my library and exile one of my choosing until Watcher for Tomorrow leaves the battlefield. At which point, the card I chose goes to my hand. Since I'm playing a deck that causes my stuff to leave the battlefield and return - that card will be going into my hand very soon. So to re-cap, I cast a 2 CMC creature, dig 4 cards into my deck and choose one, very easily get that card into my hand and repeat. Don't even get me started on the signature spell: ( Eerie Interlude )!

Now the real fun begins when I get Panharmonicon down. It will effectively double up all my ETB/LTB effects. So Prosperous Pirates will create 4 treasure tokens instead of 2. Whirler Rogue will generate 4 - 1/1 thopters instead 2. And all these permanents entering the battlefield really combo off nicely with Altar of the Brood to mill everyone out.

You ready for an advanced lesson on using the stack? Cast Cloud of Faeries with Panharmonicon on the battlefield. Cloud of Faeries ETB will trigger which will trigger Panharmonicon and cause Cloud of Faeries to trigger a second time. Let Cloud of Faeries second trigger resolve and untap Orzhov Basilica and Dimir Aqueduct . Then tap them down for FOUR mana. Now resolve Cloud of Faeries initial ETB and untap both lands again to add an additional FOUR mana. You net 8 mana for casting a 2 - drop with one 4 drop on the battlefield. Can you say value town? Wait until you do it for 18 mana with Peregrine Drake .

What's incredibly fun is generating that kind of value multiple times over with the help of Felidar Guardian 's trigger doubling up. Same for Restoration Angel . It's just endless fun. Of course you'll have zero friends after playing this. But victory can be your new friend. :)

There are several infinite combos. Felidar Guardian with Restoration Angel enter a loop where you can continue to flicker. Or Felidar Guardian and Aminatou. Shrieking Drake and Cloud of Faeries or Peregrine Drake and Cloudstone Curio. :)


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