Recently I've been looking into building Jund Enchantress, mostly because I think that Red and Black are really underrated for how incredibly powerful their enchantments can be in an enchantress-style deck. Sure it's a very different playstyle, as you're not looking to just make all your enchantments indestructible and untargetable then win through either locking them down or just purely outvaluing them, but instead you're looking to burn down your opponent and punish them.

I would love some help in creating this deck as I really like the idea of it. Important note though is that I'm trying to keep the deck relatively budget at the moment, largely because I'm building it and want to make sure I really want to play it before I invest a lot of money into it.

Why should I play this deck

  • Fairly unique deck
  • Creates a soft-lock
  • Enchantresses are awesome
  • Constantly and gradually lowering the opponent's health
  • Making opponents make themselves lose
  • Looking for more casual decks

Why shouldn't I play this deck?

  • Enchantresses are stupid
  • Don't like locking opponents, not even softly
  • Looking for competitive decks
  • Not my playstyle



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