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Sharuum the Pokemon

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Sharuum the Hegemon Deck

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The primary combo as with all Sharuum deck is going to be your Sharuum + Clone combo that loops etb/death triggers. In this case I have Bitter Ordeal as the main kill condition via infinite Gravestorm triggers and Salvaging Station as an alternate win condition to generate infinite recursion. (Lotus Bloom for mana, Spellbomb for Cards, Codex Shredder for Mill/Regrowth etc.)

Other than this Sharuum just acts as a recurring engine or a way to cheat cards into play. Other cards of this sort include Master Transmuter, Kuldotha Forgemaster, Trading Post and Unburial Rites. Blink Engines include Salvaging Station + Voyaging Staff, Master Transmuter and Tawnos's Coffin

Another combo in the deck is the classic Thopter Foundry + Sword of the Meek combo where you sac the sword to the foundry over and over again to gain life and tokens. This goes infinite with Klark Klan Iron Works or Time Sieve.

Salvaging Station is another major engine card in this deck that does a lot of work besides comboing. The package of 1 drop of less artifacts ranges from hate cards to mana and becomes a toolbox with Artificer's Intuition.

Ring of Brighthearth gives you two activations on all your artifacts and planeswalkers, ramps you with fetch lands and does funny things with artifacts that untap other artifacts. It also just straight up combos with Basalt Monolith.

Karn Silver Golem acts as a wall, a combo card or just turns your artifact into decks and smash face. Combos center around turning your cheap artifacts into creatures and saccing them for Salvaging Station triggers and getting them back. Goes infinite with Thousand-Year Elixir and mana.

Intuition basically reads tutor 3 cards in this deck. With Unburial Rite is can get you a Sphinx of the Steel Wind early game to play defense or late game just tutor up a bunch of combo pieces for the win.

Recent breakout card of the deck is the ever so innocuous Codex Shredder. Codex Loads up the grave yard early game for Sharuum and Crucible of Worlds to target and late game recurs broken cards at instant speed. Combos include Codex Shredder + Klark Klan Ironwork + Open the Vault where you make 2 white mana with your mana rocks sac a bunch of artifacts to Klark Klan Ironworks and get it all back with Open the Vault and do it again by getting Open the Vault back with Codex Shredder.

When all else fail there a beater package with Magister Sphinx at the helm to answer annoying players.

Basically every card in the deck contributes to a combo or engine in one way or another. It is constantly a puzzle to figure out what is the correct road to victory and that is what I love about the deck.


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