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Shark Control *WAR Update!*

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Welcome to the ULTIMATE deck designed around the best boi SHARKTOCRAB that will have YOU tapping creatures and WINNING your local FNM with unsolicited JANK running CONTROL without WHITE, CONSTANTLY updated for as long as SHARKTOCRAB remains in rotation, ensuring YOU the BEST experience possible! This is NOT your simic midrange scuff, no growth-chamber guardians or hydroid krasis here! No, friend, this is BETTER!

Things you can do with this deck:

Shark Control is a midrange-to-endgame deck that utilizes counters, card draw, and force-taps to halt your opponents board, slowing the game and allowing your board to accumulate while they run out of steam. Although Shark Control runs into the occasional slow start that every control deck suffers from, it is capable of bursts of activity in unexpected places. While Shark Control might not appear to hold the same ground as other competitive decks, there is something to be said about running a deck outside the public circles. Shark Control is an unusual and fun deck if you want to try a different flavor of control.


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