This combo revolves around being able to attain enough Powerstone Shards to make more than 7 mana every time you tap them, so that infinite might be made through Cogwork Assembler. To provide redundancy, there are many ways to copy and attain from your deck these two artifacts that make up the combo. Once one has infinite mana, one has many choices. Either you can make infinite copies of Cogwork Assembler and swing for lethal, or you can use Walking Ballista to win. There will be points where you might have 8 or 9 random colourless mana lying around, and that can be used to play Sphinx's Revelation, which can keep aggro decks occupied(as well as burn) while you assemble your combo with bouts of card advantage.


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Well, I finally put in the key. Manifold key is great when we start comboing, slings in some great value mana-wise, and might just be the nudge that this deck needs.

Now, about improvements. I put in a variety of 1 slot removal spells. Against opposing decks, I wish to see which ones will be the best. Please erite your favorite removal option or help me decide which to axe and which to keep.


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