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This is a deck I've been toying with for a while. It's pretty cheap, and I have most of the cards already.

The main artifact we are using to get rid of is Basilisk Collar. Basically, you use Trinket Mage to grab it on turn 3 and then Shape Anew on turn 4. I figured that would be the best 1 or less drop artifact to use, since even if we don't hit Shape Anew , it's still good.

The backup plan is to drop Precursor Golem, and then cast Shape Anew on it, getting 3 artifacts instead of one. Without a Day of Judgement 3 of the bomby artifacts is almost always good game.

Time Reversal is used to reset the plan if we get a creature out of Basilisk Collar, but it dies. Normally, that'd just kill the deck, since we don't have fuel anymore. Time Reversal gets the Basilisk Collar back so we can fetch it again with a Trinket Mage, and it also lets us reuse spent Shape Anews.


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