"Artifice sundered the world. It shall not again wreak such sorrow."

Arcum Dagsson is a Soldevi machinist who advocates digging up the ancient artifacts and use them to create a better civilization. He argues with Sorine Relicbane over the safety of using these powerful magic items that laid waste to the country many years earlier. He generally wins the argument, and even crafts new artifacts, like the Whalebone Glider and several artifacts that bear his name. Unfortunately, the Phyrexian-tainted the artifacts destroy Soldev. Finally, Arcum Dagsson, the Soldevi Machinist comes to terms with the destructive power of the things he's helped bring back. He gradually realizes that something has gone terribly wrong. http://gamelore.wikia.com/wiki/Arcum_Dagsson

"Humans and machines working together can be fearsome indeed"

I'm playing 2-headed giant with Boudicca and he's playing a Breya . Boudicca is improving his deck to be more competitive. So I am unable to go into specific tactics at the moment.

"With the proper equipment and caution, one can travel anywhere."

The main objective of the deck is to search your library for any of the combos which I mention in the 'list of combos'. This can be done by using the commander Arcum Dagsson ability to sacrifice your artiafct creatures, or by using other tutors, ideally Citanul Flute and Paradox Engine, to obtain the necessary pieces for a game-winning combo.

To achieve this victory you will need to protect yourself and your commander. Equipment spells like Lightning Greaves and Swiftfoot Boots will protect your commander, and the latter, as well as Hall of the Bandit Lord will give him haste, which will speed up your victory. There are counterspells, removal and bounce spells to proctect you from your opponent's spells.

Ensnaring Bridge will protect you against decks with large creatures, whereas Silent Arbiter will you protect you against multiple creatures on your opponent's battlefield.

You may be wondering why this deck doesn't run normal islands. This is because the deck also runs Extraplanar Lens, and so by using card:Snow Covered Islands, you are preventing any opponents who are playing blue from benefiting as well. Also, the deck is running a Scrying Sheets, which helps with card advantage.

"This ceaseless device has helped uncover marvels unreachable by mere flesh."

"Once you create perfection, what else is there to make?"

Walking Ballista + Mana Vault + Isochron Scepter + Dramatic Reversal + Snow-Covered Island + Sol Ring + Mox Diamond

  1. Cast Mox Diamond for and discard Snow-Covered Island .
  2. Tap Mox Diamond add to your mana pool and cast Sol Ring for .
  3. Tap Sol Ring add to your mana pool and cast Mana Vault for .
  4. Tap Mana Vault for You have now in your mana pool.
  5. Pay and cast Isochron Scepter and imprint Dramatic Reversal .
  6. Pay to activate the abillity of Isochron Scepter to make infinite untabs and mana.
  7. Cast Walking Ballista and kill your opponent with infinite damage.

"Our underground archives grow daily, as our excavators and sages alike dig to uncover hidden wonders."

Battle Results: 2 headed giant battle between 2 shops. 3-1

"The Goblins would kill to get ahold of this one."

I'm open to suggestions to improve my deck, so if you suggest a card, tell me why and how it makes my deck better and what I should substitute it for. Thanks in advance for your feedback



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