The goal is actually more simple than my previous storm. Ramp up enough mana to cast Gifts Ungiven to get Grapeshot (or Empty the Warrens) and Past in Flames into my graveyard. Then I can cast Grapeshot, followed by Remanding the one I cast to my hand then, repeat Grapeshot. Or I can just cast a storm from my hand, but that doesn't earn style points. Remember, it's all about the style points, just like grill marks.

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Well I thought the Gitaxian Probe ban would hurt this irreparably. However, someone at a modern tournament said I should look at a top 8 list before I decide to sell it. I already had most of the stuff from Gifts Tron. I have GIF for You. This is NumotTheNummy's deck however I will probably make some small changes to it after I play around with it.

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