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Cultists and demons run this deck. Shadowborn apostles fuel tons of death triggers. Athreos as the Commander acts as a cheap source of recursion and direct face damage, and doubles as a beefy indestructible attacker. Athreos being B/W also gives access to some pretty good removal and recursion.

I try to win with this deck by dealing damage and controlling the board.

I'm still kinda learning the right way to run this deck. Since I have so few lands, I needed to learn how to Mulligan correctly. Ideally you want to start off with 3 lands, and at least one that can produce white Mana. I've won a couple games starting with 5 cards, 3 of them lands.. my ideal first 3 turns end up with 3 shadowborn apostles and athreos on the board. After I've cast my Commander and a couple shadowborn, I start looking for a way to capitalize on their deaths.. this isn't a combo deck per se, but an extremely efficient value engine. I've won most of my games with a sac outlet and a drain enabler.. thrumming stone with aetherflux reservoir, and sanguine bond with exquisite blood are my only real true combos. I don't rely on comboing out, but I generally Target the combo pieces with tutors, since all of my combo pieces are stand alone value Generators.


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