Trying to use fog effects to protect life.

I just don't know how to stop edict effects.



DubiousDanish says... #1

Mmmmmm... shadowy goodness! It's interesting that you are trying to run them in a "defensive" build though. It doesn't fit my play style but it is nice to see a different take on things. I run a much more aggressive build Oh Boy!! (working title), instead of protecting my little dudes I just steal life with corrupt spells. Either way, you've earned my upvote.

March 29, 2017 9:17 a.m.

BloopTheRobot says... #2

I took a version of this one line (replacing darkness with Angle Song as Darkness is not a common online) results of a league run.

Vs. Stompy 2-0

This match was easy Stompy really has no removal and I can just fog them out as my shadow folks come in and Finnish the game.

Vs. Affinity 2-1

This match came down to my opponent running out of removal. Seemed like he was only running 4 copies of galvanic blast. Also at one game he sacrificed his entire board to try and fling me only to get dawned charmed and allowing me to take the whole thing.

Vs. Dimir Control 0-2

Ugh. This is this decks worst match up. There is very little I can do when someone uses an edict on me. I ran out of threats and died.

Vs. Affinity (again) 1-2

It seems if Affinity runs 4 copies of galvanic and 4 copies of Bolt it make it a lot harder for me to win. Also this person boarded out there flings (or just didn't play them) stoping them from getting Dawn Charmed, and allowing me to steal it.

Vs. Mono Black Control 0-2

Same story and the Blue black version by far my worst match up. Have to figure out how to stop them from just getting rid of all of my threats.

End of the day 2-3

Not bad for a first go. Still needs some tweaking in the side I think to stop edits.

Suggestions welcome!

April 11, 2017 9:15 a.m.

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