Owned (72)

Lifegain (13)

Draw (10)

Boost (2)

DeathTrigger (48)

ToAdd (21)

Land (37)

ToRemove (13)

Protection (2)

Commander (1)

Token (25)

Sac (21)

Removal (19)

Reanimate (11)

Ramp (9)

Sideboard (9)


A commander deck based on Teysa Karlov and her two abilities. I tried to focus on her ability to double death trigger and i mixed it with tokens, gain life and sac. I have many cards currently that are quite budget, they are card that i have and use temporarly, and some cards in the deck are not even in my possession for the moment, but plan to buy them soon and want some feedback on the resulting deck before buying cards.

I made custom categories for strat purpose, most cards are in more than one category and will appear more than once even though there is only one in the deck


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This deck is Commander / EDH legal.

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