Dimir Ninjas

Theme song: Ninja Rap by Vanilla Ice

This deck started out as just something fun to play outside my usual colors (I usually run Selesnya), but it's developed into one of my most fun decks to run. It's incredibly fast and the draw power helps keep up the pace.

With the addition of the Modern Horizons Ninjas, the deck has become much more heavily focused on type-matters and low-costed Ninjas.

For some reason Tappedout labels Sewers of Estark as being illegal in commander formats, but Gatherer lists it as legal. And I realize Sewers isn't that great of a card, but I personally like it and wanted to include it.

"The Ninjas have the Soup"

Fun combos:

Tutor for any creature: Arcane Adaptation + Higure, the Still Wind

Fear the Ninjas: Arcane Adaptation + Cover of Darkness

Gorm the Great is side-boarded for in case I partner with a deck that contains green. Tsabo's Decree , Plague Sliver , Shadow Sliver , and Vedalken AEthermage are side-boarded to deal with Sliver decks. Masterful Ninja is side-boarded to be wished in with Mastermind's Acquisition . The other Unstable Ninjas are there just to hang out with their friends.

For a silver-bordered variant of this deck check out Un-Clad Ninjas


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