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#1 in tournament @ Event Horizon Games — Jan. 18, 2014

1st at GPT Cincinnati

Match 1 - GW Aggro 2-1

I started the day off on a high note, mulligan to 3. Had 1 top decked a land at a key moment, I might have even been able to stay in it a little longer. Luckily, I took down the next two games. Game 2 he miscounted my crack back and Game 3 he misjudged the race. Unfortunately I never drew much of my removal to punish him for keeping Unflinching Courage in against me.

Match 2 - UW Control 2-1

I took Game 1 with a strong aggressive start. Game 2 was a slog and he stablized, I once Thoughtseized a hand of 3xDetention Sphere, Supreme Verdict, Jace, Architect of Thought, Last Breath and a land. He also had the Pithing Needle for my triple Mutavault. Game 3 started to go long, but he got in a position that he needed to land Jace, Architect of Thought to stymie my board. A Spear of Heliod put me back into lethal.

Match 3 - Mono-Black 2-0

Game 1 he scooped a little early, but my initial assault put him down to 6. We traded some Gray Merchant of Asphodel and Brave the Elements, but I finally got in for a basically lethal attack. Game 2 he kept his 7, but apparently didn't draw well into anything and I ran him over.

Match 4 - IDed with the only other undefeated

Match 5 - GR 2-0

We got paired since she had gotten double bye, and I had already played the other high pointed folks. Felt a little bad here, I got paired with someone from the shop who was playing just to keep the numbers up so we weren't just single elimination Top 8. This was her first competitive tournament, and her deck was no where near tuned or playing good cards. Game 1 was just an aggressive smashing, and Game 2 I picked apart her hand with Thoughtseize leaving cards like Mutant's Prey and Gruul Charm, which were just dead. She was also frequently pointing burn at me instead of my creatures.

Cut to Top 4.

I ended up with the high seed, but we all agreed to split the prize. No one wanted the byes, so I ended up with those as well. I felt like the deck played well today, and I piloted it well enough, making good sideboard decisions.

#5 in tournament @ Atomic Empire — Jan. 3, 2014

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