When doing a barrel roll just isn't enough.

As soon as I saw a shark bird spoiled in the upcoming set I had to find a way to break its mechanics. The way we achieve this is by running a copious amount of wheel effects such as Wheel of Fortune. This way both of the partners are taking advantage of their triggers and we draw into more fuel. It wouldn't be a blue deck without a nice suite of counter spells to make the game that much more enjoyable. If people somehow have fun and resolve spells then we just blow it up with boardwipes and spot removal. One of the main down sides of the deck is focusing too much on our commanders. In order to mitigate our losses if someone deals with Shabraz or Brallin we use The Ozolith to keep the large amount of counters we accrue for another go.

Win Cons:

Counterspell toolbox:




Down sides:

  • A large amount of focus is placed on the general. If he is dealt with multiple times it is harder to come back.

  • People dont like getting smacked for 10 or more so you will be focused.

I continue to update all my decks each new release and would love if you give the deck an upvote. Feel free to leave suggestions!


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