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Seton Druid Tribal - with land destruction

Commander / EDH Infect Land Destruction Mono-Green Ramp Tribal



Druid Tribal Deck with the following restrictions:

  1. no infinite combos
  2. only creatures of type Druid

Win conditions are:

  1. Overrun effects
  2. Infect via Triumph of the Hordes
  3. Ramp into Helix Pinnacle
  4. Land Destruction with Kamahl, Fist of Krosa and Rocket Launcher
  5. Land stealing with Gilt-Leaf Archdruid

Open issues:

  1. I am lacking of board wipes (the only one is Nevinyrral's Disk )
  2. consistency of different win conditions (I need cheap tutors that are druids or not Sylvan Tutor )
  3. is there enough card draw in it?
  4. Rocket Launcher is only useable one time - how to recur it?

open for suggestions :)

Update 04.05.2019: In: Emergence Zone , Tangleroot Out: Forest , All Is Dust

Update 07.05.2019: In: Druid of the Cowl , Birchlore Rangers , Groundskeeper Out: Elvish Rejuvenator , Krosan Druid , Nantuko Disciple

Update 12.05.2019: In: Wurmcalling Out: Tangleroot


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