You ever want to see your little weenie servo boise grow up to be mighty hot dogs? Then this deck is for you.

This performs exceptionally well against control decks, and has netted many standard showdown packs.

Credit of idea goes to

This lil Weenieboi sure is weak, but with just a little love and some Master Trinketeer's, he can be 100% kobe beefy.

I used to run Field of Ruin, but I never found a turn where I want to be destroying a land, even with the Ixalan fliplands. I feel like it is better to have a plains for the mono-white multi costs.

Chief of the Foundry, and Master Trinketeer are there to make the weenies into full blown doggos Image:

Angel of Invention, and Visionary Augmenter give you the option to create more weenies, or to make strong bois to combat against larger creatures.

Ixalan's Binding is necessary against any creature that can be a persistent threat.

Alley Evasion's main purpose is to make a weenie into a slightly larger weenie to win skirmishes, but has the added combo of allowing you to recast a token generating creature.

A modern version of the deck would include Ajani Goldmane Cranial Plating, Steel Overseer and Tempered Steel.


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