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Welcome to Serra's Angel Party feat. Atraxa

A rather unusual take on an Atraxa deck, using her creature type to build around. So here we are with an Angel Tribal deck that got all the love it could get. Play tested in countless hours and sweating over every card that is included if its purpose is justified or if there is a better one out there.

So what are we actually doing? Well casting Angels of course, there is just a little but on the horizon. Looking at the list we see a lot of Instants and Sorceries that are waiting to be casted. So we are not just playing a ramp as fast as you can deck and play your Angels and beat face. We are playing a really interactive style that supports a lot of political decision making while playing. The combination of flashy bombs on the top end need to be protected with a strong control package that needs to be used defensively. This deck doesn't want to be a full up grown control deck, it wants to protect its slow start and later on its beaters and alternative win conditions to close out the game effectively. Obviously we want to win with Angels but the hard thing about that is that there are not much synergy pieces available for this tribe. We only got the high power and toughness factor on our side. So what do we do with this? Well we use them and enhance those with a little +1/+1 counter sub theme. It is apparent that a lot of typical +1/+1 counter supporter are not in this deck but more card types which give everyone one +1/+1 counters. Here we get our commander in the famous Lady Atraxa who is a true leader by strengthen every one around her. With these enablers we make sure that our already high power and toughness flying army gets even more buffed. This in combination with the control package makes it so that this deck is a slowly growing force that needs to be dealt with eventually or just flies away with the win.

If you are a really political person like me and you love influencing decisions left and right in your EDH games and you also want to stroke your little Timmy player inside you than this deck is a look worth.



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