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My Infect deck is finally Compleat!

Thanks in advance for your thoughts and suggestions!




  • 4x Blighted Agent, 4x Glistener Elf, and 4x Noble Hierarch: No surprises here ... you'd expect these as a four-of in any serious UG Infect deck.
  • 2x Spellskite: Great protection against removal and Creature decks. I've 'pre-boarded' two for removal-heavy and go-wide match-ups.


  • 1x Apostle's Blessing: Does serious work against most decks, granting both protection and Unblockable-ish.
  • 3x Become Immense: BI is an absurdly powerful pump spell, and it's just almost worth running a full playset. But with 4x I end up with two in my opening hand more than I prefer, so I'm running it as a three-of.
  • 4x Blossoming Defense: Superb protection, especially during an attack. Running it as a four-of due to all the Removal currently in the format.
  • 1x Dismember: Pre-boarded as a one-of vs. Creature decks.
  • 1x Distortion Strike: Pump, Unblockable, and Rebound? Yeah, I'll take some of that!
  • 4x Might of Old Krosa and 4x Vines of Vastwood: No surprises here ... you'd expect these as a four-of in any serious UG Infect deck.
  • 4x Mutagenic Growth: I like this as a four-of in the main, because it enables so many quick wins in Game 1.
  • 3x Serum Visions: I'm just always happy to see this card. Running it as a three-of due to all the Hand Disruption currently in the format.
  • 1x Spell Pierce: Sure, it's a very conditional counterspell. But it's really good.



These are all cards I've tested and like, but they just don't have a home in the deck at this time:

  • 1-2x Birds of Paradise: Birds isn't fetchable (unlike Dryad Arbor), but it's a more versatile blocker and I love the ability to generate any color (e.g., for Dismember). Plus it's often the target of early-game removal that would otherwise go to an Infector. I would run it for sure if I had more high-mana spells (e.g., more Wild Defiance). Kudos to Emma Handy, who was the first I know to recommend Birds for post-Probe Infect, in this article (list at the very bottom) over at StarCityGames.
  • 1-2x Botanical Sanctum: Non-fetchable, so does nothing to fuel Become Immense. Still, I appreciate it as a budget option, and it's solid vs. Merfolk (as Breeding Pool allows Islandwalk).
  • 2x Ceremonious Rejection: Solid vs. Affinity and Eldrazi.
  • 2x Dispel: Nice vs. Control and the Mirror, though it's rare to actually win the stack war vs. Control.
  • 2-3x Groundswell: With 10x Fetches in the deck, this is a GREAT pump spell. However, I prefer Mutagenic Growth because of the lightning-fast wins it enables.
  • 2x Gutshot: Solid vs. Affinity and the Mirror.
  • 2x Jace, Vryn's Prodigy  Flip: I REALLY like this card in Infect, but I've found Spellskite to be just a little bit better. Like Probe used to, Jace fuels Delve for Become Immense and provides some card advantage. But Jace also blocks and attacks for conventional damage when needed, nerfs opposing Creatures (or your own, when you need to sneak under an Ensnaring Bridge), and casts Instants and Sorceries from the Graveyard. Perhaps most importantly though, he seems to draw a ton of hate from opponents, soaking up Hand Disruption, Removal, and Burn spells that would have otherwise gone to Infectors or my face.
  • 1-2x Livewire Lash: The repeatable ability to Poison opposing players and Creatures is fun, but to cast and to Equip is just too expensive. Maybe in a grindier shell ...
  • 1x Nature's Claim: I love the low cost. Too bad it's horrible against Chalice of the Void when X=1.
  • 1x Pithing Needle: I love this card, but it rewards deep knowledge of the format ... I am frankly too new to Modern to use it effectively.
  • 1-2x Pulse of Murasa: The card is amazing when behind ... it can absolutely pull a victory from the jaws of defeat. But I believe the slot is better used for something that would prevent getting behind in the first place.
  • 2x Slip Through Space: I prefer the pump and Rebound effect of Distortion Strike.
  • 1-3x Telepathy: It tends to eat counterspells, so that's maybe a good thing if there's a ton of Control in your meta. But in all other cases it didn't really do anything ... knowing an opponent has a spell doesn't stop them from playing it.
  • 1x Tezzeret's Gambit: This is an amazing way to pick up that last point of Infect damage, and it's an absolute joy to cast on an opponent's Chalice of the Void. But it's just too hard to cast.
  • 2-3x Thought Scour: It seems like this would be really good with Become Immense but I was surprisingly underwhelmed in testing.
  • 1x Viridian Corrupter: I started with the Corrupter in mainboard, then moved it to the side, and have now pulled it entirely. I love the fact it can survive -1/-1 effects on its own and is Bolt-proof with only a Mutagenic Growth. But I'd rather use the slot for protection (e.g., Spellskite or Dispel) than for another Infector. Also, its 'destroy target artifact' effect is not really a selling point, as it's more expensive and less versatile than Seal of Primordium.

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