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My Infect deck is finally Compleat!

Thanks in advance for your thoughts and suggestions!




  • 4x Blighted Agent, 4x Glistener Elf, and 4x Noble Hierarch: No surprises here ... you'd expect these as a four-of in any serious UG Infect deck.
  • 2x Spellskite: Great protection against removal and Creature decks. I've 'pre-boarded' two for removal-heavy and go-wide match-ups.


  • 1x Apostle's Blessing: Does serious work against most decks, granting both protection and Unblockable-ish.
  • 3x Become Immense: BI is an absurdly powerful pump spell, and it's just almost worth running a full playset. But with 4x I end up with two in my opening hand more than I prefer, so I'm running it as a three-of.
  • 4x Blossoming Defense: Superb protection, especially during an attack. Running it as a four-of due to all the Removal currently in the format.
  • 1x Dismember: Pre-boarded as a one-of vs. Creature decks.
  • 1x Distortion Strike: Pump, Unblockable, and Rebound? Yeah, I'll take some of that!
  • 4x Might of Old Krosa and 4x Vines of Vastwood: No surprises here ... you'd expect these as a four-of in any serious UG Infect deck.
  • 4x Mutagenic Growth: I like this as a four-of in the main, because it enables so many quick wins in Game 1.
  • 3x Serum Visions: I'm just always happy to see this card. Running it as a three-of due to all the Hand Disruption currently in the format.
  • 1x Spell Pierce: Sure, it's a very conditional counterspell. But it's really good.



These are all cards I've tested and like, but they just don't have a home in the deck at this time:

  • 1-2x Birds of Paradise: Birds isn't fetchable (unlike Dryad Arbor), but it's a more versatile blocker and I love the ability to generate any color (e.g., for Dismember). Plus it's often the target of early-game removal that would otherwise go to an Infector. I would run it for sure if I had more high-mana spells (e.g., more Wild Defiance). Kudos to Emma Handy, who was the first I know to recommend Birds for post-Probe Infect, in this article (list at the very bottom) over at StarCityGames.
  • 1-2x Botanical Sanctum: Non-fetchable, so does nothing to fuel Become Immense. Still, I appreciate it as a budget option, and it's solid vs. Merfolk (as Breeding Pool allows Islandwalk).
  • 2x Ceremonious Rejection: Solid vs. Affinity and Eldrazi.
  • 2x Dispel: Nice vs. Control and the Mirror, though it's rare to actually win the stack war vs. Control.
  • 2-3x Groundswell: With 10x Fetches in the deck, this is a GREAT pump spell. However, I prefer Mutagenic Growth because of the lightning-fast wins it enables.
  • 2x Gutshot: Solid vs. Affinity and the Mirror.
  • 2x Jace, Vryn's Prodigy  Flip: I REALLY like this card in Infect, but I've found Spellskite to be just a little bit better. Like Probe used to, Jace fuels Delve for Become Immense and provides some card advantage. But Jace also blocks and attacks for conventional damage when needed, nerfs opposing Creatures (or your own, when you need to sneak under an Ensnaring Bridge), and casts Instants and Sorceries from the Graveyard. Perhaps most importantly though, he seems to draw a ton of hate from opponents, soaking up Hand Disruption, Removal, and Burn spells that would have otherwise gone to Infectors or my face.
  • 1-2x Livewire Lash: The repeatable ability to Poison opposing players and Creatures is fun, but to cast and to Equip is just too expensive. Maybe in a grindier shell ...
  • 1x Nature's Claim: I love the low cost. Too bad it's horrible against Chalice of the Void when X=1.
  • 1x Pithing Needle: I love this card, but it rewards deep knowledge of the format ... I am frankly too new to Modern to use it effectively.
  • 1-2x Pulse of Murasa: The card is amazing when behind ... it can absolutely pull a victory from the jaws of defeat. But I believe the slot is better used for something that would prevent getting behind in the first place.
  • 2x Slip Through Space: I prefer the pump and Rebound effect of Distortion Strike.
  • 1-3x Telepathy: It tends to eat counterspells, so that's maybe a good thing if there's a ton of Control in your meta. But in all other cases it didn't really do anything ... knowing an opponent has a spell doesn't stop them from playing it.
  • 1x Tezzeret's Gambit: This is an amazing way to pick up that last point of Infect damage, and it's an absolute joy to cast on an opponent's Chalice of the Void. But it's just too hard to cast.
  • 2-3x Thought Scour: It seems like this would be really good with Become Immense but I was surprisingly underwhelmed in testing.
  • 1x Viridian Corrupter: I started with the Corrupter in mainboard, then moved it to the side, and have now pulled it entirely. I love the fact it can survive -1/-1 effects on its own and is Bolt-proof with only a Mutagenic Growth. But I'd rather use the slot for protection (e.g., Spellskite or Dispel) than for another Infector. Also, its 'destroy target artifact' effect is not really a selling point, as it's more expensive and less versatile than Seal of Primordium.

Records and win percentages are based on tournaments and casual play from 2/9-4/10, with a variety of decklist tweaks.


  • UW Control (5-0, 100%)
  • Tron (4-0, 100%)
  • Mono-W Prison, UB Mill (3-0, 100%)
  • Bant Control, Bant Goldcards, BG Ramp, Bogles, GW Devotion, Living End, Mono-G Devotion, Mono-R Burn, Mono-U Control, RG Ponza (2-0, 100%)
  • Mono-G Stompy (5-2, 71%)
  • Sultai Control, UG Infect (2-1, 67%)


  • UR Control (3-2, 60%)
  • Grixis Delver, Jund (2-2, 50%)
  • 8 Rack, BR Control, Jund Death's Shadow, UW Prison, Valakut (1-1, 50%)
  • Naya Burn (4-5, 44%)
  • Abzan (2-3, 40%)


  • Ad Nauseum, Esper Control, Mono-G Elves (1-2, 33%)
  • Bant Eldrazi (2-6, 25%)
  • Affinity, Dredge (1-3, 25%)
  • Mono-R Goblins (1-4, 20%)
  • Grixis Death's Shadow, Jeskai Control, Merfolk, UW Spirits (0-2, 0%)
  • Mardu Walkers (0-3, 0%)
  • Grixis Control (0-5, 0%)

Overall Impressions: A rough night for the Phyrexians. Ugh.


  • 0-2 vs. Jund: Game 1 was really tough. I mul'd to 6 and kept a hand with 2x Inkmoth Nexus and a slow but solid game-winning hand. I was on the draw, so figured I had the scry and then three draws before I needed a colored source. I still think it was the right line in general, but it was certainly not the right line for that particular game! Game 2 I had to mul' to 5, and it was a race, with both infect damage and normal damage. But I just couldn't get there.
  • 1-2 vs. UB Faeries: Game 1 was a T2 Bitterblossom, Game 2 was a quick Infect win, and Game 3 was a grind ... which means I eventually lost.
  • 1-2 vs 4c Ramp: I'd never seen a deck like this before, and it was fun. Game 1 my opponent casts Villainous Wealth on T3, and Im suddenly facing a Primeval Titan. Ugh. I followed up with a T2 kill for Game 2. Game 3 was an absolute stand-off ... and that's never good for the Infectors.
  • 0-2 vs. BG Death Cloud: I've played ~250 matches online and IRL and this was the first time I'd ever seen the deck. Between lots of the hand disruption, a relatively fast clock, and my unfamiliarity with the deck, it was pretty ugly. Game 2 was especially insane, as my opponent curved Liliana of the Veil into Garruk Wildspeaker into Death Cloud for X=4.
  • 0-2 vs. Jund: Long story short: I totally punted Game 2. My opponent was one of the better players in our LGS, so I was surprised to be facing him (with my 0-4 record). But he had spent the evening focused on trying to speed up his play, and was making some mistakes because of it. I thought that was a great idea and had nothing to lose at this point, so really sped up my play as well. Game 1 was a tight fight, but he got there before me. Game 2 was super-tough, and I was hanging on by a thread. I had a shot though, but could only get in 8 points of Infect damage before dying on the backswing, so scooped ... and then realized I had lethal after all. If I had sequenced my spells right, I could have had enough cards in the 'yard to cast 2x Become Immense and swung for 13. Sigh. It was a GREAT lesson though ... while speeding up my play is superb (as it will make me a better player for sure), there are some times where I REALLY need to spend a little time in the tank!

Overall Impressions: A great evening, despite the poor record.


  • 1-2 vs. Eggs: I mul'd to 4 in Game 1 and scooped soon after, got a T3 kill in Game 2, and we both got to play some Magic in Game 3. I had bought in 2x Surgical Extraction and drew both in my opening hand, but I used them on the wrong stuff ... so even though I slowed him down a little he was still able to go off eventually. We talked about it after the match ... next time I'll wait a little longer, and hit the Klanworks or Mox Opal the first time they hit the 'yard.
  • 2-1 vs. BW Aristocrats: This was another swingy match. The Phyrexians got there quickly in Game 1, the Aristocrats made short work of me in Game 2, and Game 3 was a tough fight. In the end though, my opponent simply got me from 14 to 0 life faster than I could get him from 7 to 10 Poison counters.
  • 1-2 vs. UW Spirits: This was a great match, against one of my favorite opponents, and all three games were close.
  • 0-2 vs. Through the Breach: This match was hilarious. Infect's a fast deck of course, but Game 1 saw me facing a T3 Emrakul, the Aeons Torn, and Game 2 saw me facing an T1 Chalice of the Void with X=1 and then a T2 Chalice with X=2. GGs, mate!

Overall Impressions: I finally made it back to my favorite LGS! The crowd was awesome, the games were a blast, and (except for one glaring exception) I played pretty tight. A great evening, overall!


  • 2-0 vs. Mono-G Mostly Elves: My opponent was brand-new to Modern, with a deck that couldn't really decide if it wanted to go wide (via Elf-ball) or tall (via Primeval Titan). As you might expect, it was a quick match. But it gave us some time to talk about budget options to improve his deck.
  • 1-2 vs. Grixis Delver: Even though I lost, this was a great match. I was up against one of the very best players at my LGS, but he's also one of the very most fun to play against. Game 1 was a blow-out for the Phyrexians. Game 2 was extremely close ... up until I punted. My opponent had me down to 4 life, but I had enough pumps and protection in hand to win the game (including the inevitable stack war) on my next turn. Unfortunately, my opponent was not just representing Kolaghan's Command, he actually had it. I lost an Infector (no big deal since I had an Inkmoth Nexus on board) and had to discard ... and screwed up when I chose to discard a Land. I had tunnel-vision on the spells, so completely missed that I didn't have enough mana to activate the Inkmoth too. Live and learn, I guess. I played tight in Game 3 at least, but I got stuck on 7 Poison counters and couldn't count to 10 in time.
  • 1-2 vs. Free-Win Red: Coincidentally, I had watched some videos about this deck earlier in the week, and I was struck by what a horrible match-up it would probably be. Turns out it was much worse than I imagined. I can usually fight through Chalice of the Void with X=1, but fighting through Chalice, and Blood Moon, and Magus of the Moon (once I finally kill the Enchantment version), and Chandra, Torch of Defiance? Not so much. It was a sweet deck, no doubt. And well-piloted. But T1 Blood Moon sucks.
  • 2-1 vs. Esper Flash: This was a really elegant brew, featuring WAY too many Spell Quellers, Ulamog's Nullifiers, and Wasteland Stranglers for my tastes. Game 1 was all my opponent's, but I was able to come back and take the match.
  • 2-0 vs. Tron: Old-School Tron is one of my easiest match-ups (I think I'm now 5-0), but it's still very fun to play.

Other Thoughts:

  • Blighted Agent and Distortion Strike were MVPs; Spellskite was a close runner-up.
  • After a ton of tweaking, I really like the feel of the mainboard now.
  • I need to take a deep (re)look at my sideboard though. I have some great data now on my good and bad match-ups, and I really need to tune my sideboard then build an actual sideboard guide. More to follow ...

Overall Impressions: I was traveling for work and played at a different LGS, so it wasn't my normal Spikey meta. But the deck did well.


  • Bye: It was a small crowd so I didn't get any pick-up games in.
  • 1-2 vs. Mono-G Stompy: I don't remember this game at all, but looking at my notes, my opponent obviously got some very big creatures out very fast and I barely got any Infect damage through.
  • 2-0 vs. Bant CoCo: Game 1 was a close race, and I got really lucky in Game 2, carrying the game despite two misplays. First, I cast Vines of Vastwood with Kicker into an open Spell Queller (after seeing the card in Game 1). Then I forgot that when you get a card back from Queller you can pay additional costs. I knew you couldn't pay alternative costs, but Kicker specifically reads "You may pay an additional ..." so I could have cast Vines with Kicker for lethal when I later Dismembered the Queller. Here are the relevant Gatherer comments plus Rule 117.8.
  • 0-2 vs. UW Spirits: My opponent's deck was fast, wide, and brutal, and I was not expecting anything like it. It felt like I was playing RG Electrostatic Pummeler vs. UW Flash in Standard. With similar results ...

Other Thoughts:

  • Flying creatures are very tough on my deck. Especially little ones, where it's not obvious that spending 4 life on an early Dismember is worth it. This is nothing new, of course; Affinity has demonstrated that time and again. Not sure what the answer is though ...
  • I encountered much less Removal than I expected, and no Hand Disruption at all. It was bizarre ...

Overall Impressions: Between me playing poorly (mis-sequencing spells, especially) and everyone else bringing their 'A game' (in preparation for the SCG Modern Open in Dallas), it was a rough evening.


  • 0-2 vs. Naya Burn: Burn does what it does best, and I just couldn't get to 10 fast enough. My opponent was an superb player too ... it felt like I'd accidentally wandered into a GP or something.
  • 0-2 vs. Infect: I was super-bummed about this loss, because I pretty much beat myself. We were both relatively new to Modern, but I knew the deck interactions better and had a slightly more powerful deck (e.g., my opponent didn't have his 4th Inkmoth yet). The short story is even though I TOTALLY should have known better, I left myself open to big pumps ... not once, but twice. Ack! :-(
  • 0-2 vs. Affinity: This felt just like the first match ... my opponent was superb, Affinity does what it does best, and I just couldn't get to 10 fast enough.
  • 2-1 vs. Tron: Game 1 was insane ... I mul'd to four but still pulled off the win. Game 2 was a tight race ... right up until Karn Liberated hit the field. And Game 3 was a quick win for the Phyrexians.
  • 2-0 vs. Jund Death's Shadow: I finally started playing tight! Both games were extremely close (I was down to 2 live in Game 1 and 4 life in Game 2), but I was able to get there.

Other thoughts: This was my first tournament without 2x Jace, Vryn's Prodigy  Flip in the deck. I ran Serum Visions and another Spellskite instead, and frankly didn't miss Jace at all.

Overall Impressions:

  • Apparently, the Lords of Variance were grumpy last night, and took some of their frustration out on me. Lots of rough mulligans plus two decks with Melira, Sylvok Outcast in the main? Really?!?
  • Oh well, the crowd was great, my deck was an absolute blast, and I learned a ton. :-)


  • 1-2 vs. Affinity: Game 1 was lightning fast Infect, Game 2 was lightning fast Artifacts, and looking back, Game 3 hinged on a poor Ceremonious Rejection play. It wasn't really a punt, but it certainly wasn't good. Short story is I thought I had a faster hand, so I used the Rejection early against a Mox Opal. That set my opponent way back on tempo, and I thought I was in good shape. Unfortunately though, my hand ended up being just a little slower than I expected, so I couldn't quite get there before he cast an Arcbound Ravager ... and left me REALLY wishing I could have countered it. :-(
  • 2-1 vs. Tron: This was an old-school Tron build (i.e., no Eldrazi) and a lot of fun. I had a T3 kill in Game 1, but then Game 2 was the grindiest of grind-fests. I was putting on pressure until the very end, but again, I couldn't quite get there. I did get to experience my first-ever Ugin, the Spirit Dragon ultimate though, so I guess there's that! Luckily, my deck was back on track in Game 3, with a T4 win.
  • 0-2 vs. Bushwhacker Zoo. I had a T3 hand in Game 1, but my opponent was on the Play and wrapped up the game on T3. Game 2 started off lousy, with me mul'ing to five and keeping a hand with a couple Spellskite but no Infectors. That ended up being just fine though, as my opponent cast Melira, Sylvok Outcast on T2. I held on until T6 but couldn't get through with normal damage nor find a Dismember for Melira. I think this is now officially My Deck's Worst Possible Match-up ... between this and casual play, I think my win percentage is something like 0% on Matches and 10% on Games. :-P
  • 2-1 vs. Grixis Brain. I had never played this deck before, and it was extremely wild. The basic play was using Brain in a Jar (with 2 charge counters) and Kari Zev's Expertise to cheat in both halves of 2CMC Fuse cards like Beck / Call and Breaking / Entering. Turns out that's a VERY powerful effect, but luckily it's also very inconsistent. My opponent took Game 2 with the help of an Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite, but Games 1 and 3 were all mine.
  • 1-2 vs. GW CoCo Humans. This felt like playing against a Goblins deck: Wide and fast and big (though the 'big' piece was due to +1/+1 counters rather than Lord effects). I'd much rather have played against Goblins though. Turns out that any deck with 4x Collected Company and 3x Melira, Sylvok Outcast is going to be extremely painful for the Infect player. Who knew? Anyways, Game 1 was a fast win for my opponent and I took Game 2 in a similar fashion. Despite having to mul' to 5 in Game 3, I held on until T7 or 8. Looking back, I REALLY regret boarding out most of my Mutagenic Growth. There were a couple times in Game 3 where I could have swung for a total of 9 Infect damage, but would have died on the backswing. A Mutagenic in hand on one of those turns would have made all the difference.

Other Thoughts:

  • Spellskite was definitely MVP.
  • I was running 4x Become Immense because it's just absurdly good. But I ended up with two in hand a couple times and was never able to cast the second. I'll be testing it as a three-of for sure.
  • I'm frankly still going back-and-forth on Jace, Vryn's Prodigy  Flip. I cast him a bunch of times, but he never lived long enough to make an impact. And while eating Removal and Burn that would otherwise go to Infectors or my face is A Really Good Thing, I'm still not sure he's the best use of two card slots ...

Overall Impressions:

  • This was my first Modern tournament ever, and I could not be more pleased. The deck is amazing (much better than me, actually) and a ton of fun to play.
  • Finishing #2 out of ~30 people didn't hurt either :-)


  • Bye. During the break, I played a pick-up match, going 0-3 vs. Grixis Control. This is generally a pretty brutal match-up for me (I think I've maybe won 1 game in 3 casual matches against the archetype) and tonight was no different. I'm not sure if I needed more protection, or more Infectors, or better play, or all three. But now that I know there's at least one Grixis Control deck at my favorite LGS, I've definitely got some homework to do ...
  • 2-0 vs. Mono-G Devotion: The deck is just a little slower than Infect, so it was an easy match (though the deck is certainly no pushover ... we played a pick-up game after the match and my opponent was able to go off with a Craterhoof Behemoth via Summoner's Pact). Of note, my opponent's Scavenging Ooze (post-board) was very effective at nerfing Become Immense.
  • 2-1 vs. Eggs: This was the first time I'd ever played the deck, and it was wild. All three games were very close, and they were all over by Turn 4, one way or another. Game 1, I got through with Infect damage on Turn 3. Game 2, my opponent went off on Turn 3. And Game 3, he tried to go of on Turn 3 but fizzled and I finished him on Turn 4. Having a "Turn 3 hand" (or mul'ing aggressively to get one) is apparently the key to this match-up.
  • 2-1 vs. Dredge: I got a Turn 2 kill in Game 1 (woot!), punted HARD in Game 2 (sending an activated and pumped-up Inkmoth Nexus into a Stinkweed Imp I forgot had flying, and then dying on the backswing), and eked out a win in a super-grindy Game 3. I used Surgical Extraction to good effect in response to a Prized Amalgam trigger, but I should have cast it on a Narcomoeba trigger instead (therefore preventing both the Narcomoeba and the Amalgam from entering the battlefield). Knowing now that Dredge is still in play (at my favorite LGS, anyway), I may need to make room for Grafdigger's Cage in my sideboard.
  • 1-2 vs. Bant Eldrazi for the Final. This was a VERY close match-up, and we both played tight ... winning the die roll seemed to be the key to winning the match! After the match we discussed sideboarding, and though I never saw them, apparently my 2x Ceremonious Rejection was a really good call ... I plan on mul'ing more aggressively for them in the future.

Other Thoughts:

  • I saw Jace, Vryn's Prodigy  Flip only a couple times, and though I was always happy to see the card, I never cast him. I had plenty of cards in the 'yard though for Become Immense, so I'm still not sure he's the best use for those slots.
  • Just a little more protection would have made a big difference in all the games I lost.

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