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Serious Hogaak (Retired)

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He protec. He attac. But mostly ...
He hogaac .



  • I'm personally not a fan of Hedron Crab in the deck, since the four-color manabase is less reliable and more painful (a factor vs. Humans and Phoenix decks).
  • However, Crab decks have put up solid results too, and many people prefer them. Notably, they are generally better in the mirror ... Crabs can mill an almost absurd number of cards, which allows a #TEAMCRAB pilot to more easily attack with Hogaak and then recast another one as a blocker.


Using Frank Karsten's classic article as reference, the deck needs:

The current manabase (with Blooming Marsh instead of the more typical Blackcleave Cliffs ) includes:

  • 19x Black sources
  • 15x Red sources
  • 18x Green sources.



Other proven options:

Unproven options:

HUGE shout-outs to ...

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On the final weekend Hogaak was legal in Modern, I took him to GP Vegas! The deck, of course, felt extremely solid. My play was pretty tight (especially considering this was my first-ever GP), but unfortunately it was only good enough for a 4-3 drop:

  • Infect: 0-2
  • Abzan Combo: 2-0
  • E-Tron: 1-2
  • E-Tron: 2-0
  • E-Tron (again?!?): 2-1
  • Jund: 2-1
  • UW Ctrl (and the end of my Day 2 dreams): 1-2

Thanks to everyone who made comments and suggestions along the way! They're all archived here or behind the View Archive button below.


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