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after reading the preview article of serene remembrance I was inspired to make a modern take on the classic "How to keep an idiot busy" deck, substituting disk and hard counters for a discard package, surgical extraction, and Abrupt decay I'd love any help on making this a deck to be reckoned with



Ayre says... #1

So far playtesting this has been really fun you spend the first few turns casting multiple Explore's Manamorphose's, Inquisition's, and one too many Surgical Extractions thanks to Serene Remembrance. Only problem... the deck just hits a creative wall and grinds to a stop on it's mission of surgical perfection, though on the plus side at that point the surgical extractions have already eliminated all if not most threats from the opponents deck. So I then spend the next couple turns removing any other threats before getting to a point where I can swing for lethal with animated lands off of Rude awakening.In summary it plays like a more obnoxious eggs deck that will have your opponent yelling "SERENITY NOW!!"

January 18, 2013 4:37 p.m.

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