Sen Triplets - Just play their decks

This is the first draft of my upcoming Sen Triplets EDH deck. The goal of the deck is to win the game playing cards from other people's deck, steal their stuff from the board, controling the board with wipes and removal, while protecting my Sen Triplets as much as I can with counter spells and utility cards.

The deck itself does not have wincons. It is very dependent on what kind of decks your opponents are playing and what they are having in their hand. But I feel it will give the whole table a cool dynamic and no game will be the same, so the deck won't get borring quickly.

Below I've explained some of the card choices I've made. I would love to get some feedback on the list to get some new insights, improvements or critique. An Upvote is also appreciated :-)

Card Choices:

Obviously, when playing Sen Triplets, you want more ways to play with your opponents cards. I came up with the 9 cards listed above to be great assets to the deck. All of them feel like auto-includes, even though the mana costs of most of them is quite steep.
This combination of mana rocks should be able to make me not only faster, but also be able to cast opponents spells out of my commanders color identity quite consistently.
I've tried to create a landbase that is able to generate the mana I need to cast my own stuff, but together with some mana rocks I should be able to consistently cast opponents spells with colors out of my commanders color identity.
I choose to play a total of 9 pure draw spells in the deck. At first, I wanted to tone it down a bit, since I want to utilize my opponents hands as much as possible. But in order to protect my board and control the board state of my opponents, I do feel like I need to play some draw spells to be able to have answers in my deck.
I want removal to exile one type of permanent, or be able to destroy multiple types of permanents.
I play 8 counterspells to be able to protect mainly my commander. I've considered playing more, but then I had to cut more cards from other places which at this point I couldn't see where I could cut them from.
So I've chosen 5 boardwipes which I feel will help me controll the board the most when needed. When you're in blue, you play Cyclonic Rift, no questions asked. But nex to creatures, I want deal with artifacts and enchantments. I think Cleansing Nova is the best choice for that, because for just 1 more mana compared to Wrath of God you have the option to clear the board from all artifact and enchantments OR creatures. I also play All Is Dust, but that is very dependent on the pod you're playing in. Yes, it costs 7 mana, but it makes everyone sacrifice their permanents instead of destroying them. So it will also deal with indestructible permanents.
The utility slots are still very up for debate. Lightning Greaves and Swiftfoot Boots are must haves for me. How great is it to steal stuff, and instantly be able to use it. Empress Galina with haste is also not bad..
I've included the 3 most useful for this deck. But I do feel I need to make a spot for Enlightened Tutor, will be testing without it first.
Scroll Rack and Sensei's Divining Top are good in any deck. Having control of the top of your deck is always a good thing to have.


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