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Selvala's Adventure: Level 3 (Challenge Deck)

Commander / EDH GW (Selesnya) Midrange Multiplayer Theme/Gimmick




Selvala has returned to fight everyone!

Hey guys! this is my own adaptation of this challenge: Low Market: Sliver Hivelord Ascension!

I hang out at college with a bunch of friends and we play EDH just about everyday, and we usually squeeze in 2 to 3 games per day. Since I'm usually the blue player of the group, I was looking for a way to mix things up and take on my own self-imposed challenge. The rules are simple:

  • Every kill caused by directly by me (swinging for lethal, drawing out an opponent, or otherwise) counts toward Selvala's kill count.
  • The deck starts out with Selvala and only commons. At certain milestones, the deck can be upgraded, adding to the adventure.
  • If an opponent is to fold to directly avoid this deck getting a kill, it will still count toward the kill count.

Those are the rules as it stands, but since this deck is supposed to be an adventure, we need ways to progress. This is where our milestones come in. It's mostly taken from the Sliver Hivelord Ascension's list with some slight edits.

  • Start: Commander and Commons
  • 5 kills: Uncommons
  • 10 kills: Sleeves
  • <--- WE ARE HERE --->
  • 15 kills: Rares
  • 20 kills: Karametra
  • 25 kills: Mythics
  • 35 kills: Begin incremental foiling, 10 foil cards
  • 45 kills: Another 10 foil cards
  • 55 kills: Another 10 foil cards
  • 65 kills: Another 10 foil cards
  • 75 kills: Another 10 foil cards
  • 85 kills: Another 10 foil cards
  • 95 kills: Another 10 foil cards
  • 105 kills: Another 10 foil cards
  • 115 kills: Another 10 foil cards
  • 125 kills: Another 9 foils, all non-commander cards foiled
  • 150 kills: Foil Custom Selvala
  • 175 kills: Custom Selvala Sleeves (Haven't found a place that will make them yet, Inked Gaming stopped)
  • 200 kills: Custom laser-etched deckbox with kill count
  • 250 kills: Custom playmat with kill count

So this is it, the grand adventure! Selvala has returned to the board to get as many kills as possible for loot! Suggestions would be appreciated for when it's time to upgrade her to uncommon, rare, and mythic qualities! The theme is to ramp fast and get big creatures and slap my opponents silly with them (Boy, can I not wait to get Hydras). This deck also needs to be versatile enough to fend off my opponents who are not using similar challenge decks. The objective here is to get kills, not necessarily to win, so let's get going!

Cheer Selvala on by throwing her a +1!


Updates Add

Feels good to have sleeves! Selvala is suited up to take on more challengers! It's starting to get rough now since my friends are onto the level up gimmick and like to target this deck to have a good laugh. Selvala will show them!

Until next time, let's have a moment of silence for the fallen commanders...


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