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Selvala, Explorer Returned (Competitive)

Commander / EDH Combo Competitive Elves GW (Selesnya) Infinite Combo



I only list cards I own in the library, cards in the "Replacement" tab are cards I don't own and or possibly ordering.

So I have made many decks for the commander format, all in all the deck building is one of the best parts about commander. 100 cards SO many possibilities.

Selvala, Explorer Returned was a commander that I have had my eye on for a while. Her Parley mechanic was something new and confusing and something I couldn’t quite get my head around. So I put off building her in a deck. There came a point where I thought I have made all the different variations to building decks and I was getting bored, then as I flipped through my Legends book Selvala, Explorer Returned popped up and I knew it was time to build this.

A big theme that I wanted to exploit was her “Parley”, not really knowing if I wanted to just mill players to death or gain lots of . But what I did know what that I didn't want it to be a group hug deck.

So it came down to Elves, Stax and Combos. doing the research and investigations of a few Sylvala, Explorer Returned decks, I was able to piece together my own take on it, which I think works out alright.

Being that this is mostly an elf deck, there are so many ways to combo off. Mirror Entity Wirewood Symbiote & Priest of Titania , with this combo its pretty much game over. Umbral Mantle & Selvala, Explorer Returned or Priest of Titania or Elvish Archdruid or Wirewood Channeler + any 3 elves = infite and infinite draw/lifegain.
For my finishers, I wanted a wide range of things, not just looking to one card every time I play a game. Triumph of the Hordes , probably may favorite card, I love playing infect, even more so when people don’t expect it.
Now Land is great but having creatures that make mana is even better so after a while your land become redundant. So why not take land out? If I don’t need land you don’t need land. Armageddon can fix this and put you in a commanding lead over your opponents. And there are other ways to stall your opponent’s Rest in Peace , Blind Obedience .With and abundance of mana that your elves can make you shouldn’t mind that things cost a bit more to cast. Thalia, Guardian of Thraben will make it much harder for your oppentes to play anything.

Here is another deck that I have made and still working on.

The Caretaker.

Commander / EDH Kholek


If you have anything you would add or suggest feel free to leave a comment. and if you like the deck dont forget to up-vote. Thank you.


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