You could at least invite some of those other elves!

features: selfish nissa and annoying elvenlords.

The point of this deck is not to be the most generic elf tribal ever, by running some Nissa, Vastwood Seer  Flip. What I like about this is the budgetness (200 dollars total and your set for life), in a format where bans won't kill the deck (because modern is so diverse), and can still do well (because not everyone can constantly have answers for everything. This deck is also great against Blood Moon, because, why thank you Blue Moon enthusiasts, you've just turned all of my non forests into mountains. Wait, why don't I have any mountains? hmm i wonder why.....

Originally, I made this deck because I wanted to run some elves, because Nissa, Vastwood Seer  Flip looked great and i wanted some Elvish Mystics, Llanowar Elves, and Dwynen, Gilt-Leaf Daen to go with it. but I ended up getting all the elves. Then my wallet died. Well that escalated quickly.

One of the biggest decisions of this deck was the color. would i go green white collected company elves, green black coco elves, combo elves, more tribal less instants???

i ended up going with collected. not only because coco is just a great card, but also because coco and chord and lead help make my creatures more consistent, also instant speed is great. i can wait until my opponents tap out (say, control) then shoot out a winning spell.


not much to see here. Of course stuck in the almost generic mono G coco elves, just i don't have heritage druid because meh she sucks. also nettle sentinel because theyre ugly. not really the main reason, but also i dont really like using them and no room.

Elvish Champion in sb as a 2 of because its great, but i don't always need it, and is the first option for side in or out.

Nissa, Vastwood Seer  Flip: Da real champion! (sorry Elvish Champion, but you got replaced). She likes to watch the game from the sidelines tho.

Heritage Druid: although you need to tap 3, no summoning sickness issues.


of course, none. because im totally not running a bunch of black lotuses which are totally sorceries.


nothing. totally.

I chose to run only 2x chord and 3x lead and 3x collected because

  1. Chord of Calling isn't as important, and is just an instant speed card I have in as a backup.
  2. Lead the Stampede helps to fill in my hand well.
  3. Collected Company is expensive.


of course, not much to see here. my only walker is just Nissa, Sage Animist  Flip. For more grindier games, because I've actually used her ult. 3 times, against decks who just like removing my creatures or countering them and doing nothing else (removes, Gaea's Herald, counters everything else).


At least 2 forest (cause only land), at least 1 mystic or llanowar elves, and a 3 drop, or a second 1 drop and 2 drop (to cast on turn 2). An example of a good hand (not counting removals) would be 1x elvish mystic, 2x llanowar elves, 1x heritage druid, 1x elvish archdruid, 2x forest. then, turn 1 mystic, turn 2 first druid and 2 elves, then tap all for an archdruid. then turn 3 topdeck ezuri and win. What not to keep: 0 land. If your only hope of survival is your opponent is more screwed than you, than your hand sucks.


For mono g elves, this is pretty self explanatory. don't play joraga warcaller turn 1, unless you kept a bad hand ... tsk tsk

Turn 1. You should be playing an Elvish Mystic, or a Llanowar Elves.

Turn 2. any elf lord, especially, Elvish Archdruid, but if you can, then 2 more mystic / llanowar elves, a Heritage Druid, and then a 3 drop.

turn 3. look at all the mana you have. just play whatever you have. if you don't have much mana you should probably concede now. because you won't be able to stabilize if you've utterly failed your first 2 turns. this is why modern is a turn 2 format.

(im not lazy i just didn't write much =D )

  1. Beast Within This is one of the few removals that mono green has, in addition to Lignify or Utopia Vow. I personally trust instant speed more, and don't mind the 3/3 as long as its not going to kill me easily.
  2. Creeping Corrosion Against Affinity, and other decks that are heavy in artifacts as well.
  3. Elvish Champion Against decks that don't run elves, also forestwalk is a step for elves to match up to merfolk (although we lose in that we don't have 2 mana lords and only 3 manas which, even with ramp, is not good. ramping with 2 mana lords would be op)
  4. Nissa, Vastwood Seer  Flip Some more ramping, some deck thinning, also is the main theme of the deck!! but in sideboard because i would only put in mainboard if i need a way to get mana without using mana generators that keep getting removed.
  5. Gaea's Herald Just something against Counterspells.
  6. Scavenging Ooze Something against graveyard strategies!
  7. Back to Nature some enchantment killers.
  8. Phyrexian Revoker Basically Pithing Needle on a creature, this card works well with Chord of Calling.
  9. Reclamation Sage Enchantment/Artifact removal if needed. Different than Creeping Corrosion in that i can hit artifacts, and is a creature, is a elf, and does not wipe all artifacts.
  10. Talara's Battalion Is a great way to make myself very aggressive, as well as confusing my opponents as to what elves I play. Also is a great removal magnet. And is very unique for an elf build to use talara's battalion (because it isn't the best 2 drop considering you need to have played something else meaning works very well with a 1 drop and 2 drop on turn 2, but you should've been playing an Elvish Archdruid, so you're doing something wrong if you chose battalion over archdruid. However, still nice card overall and deserves to have a place on my sideboard.

Suggestions and/or feedback is appreciated.

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if any of you are interested, here is a black green version of this deck.


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