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Modern BGW (Abzan, Junk) Tokens

C4rnif3X Score: 18




Token swarm deck. You'll need to keep an opening hand of at least 3 lands without Gatecreeper Vine. Removal package consists of Liliana of the Veil, Vraska the Unseen, Selesnya Charm, Reaper from the Abyss, and Vault of the Archangel tricks. I used Seance as a draw engine in combination with Elvish Visionary and Gatecreeper Vine.



Liliana of the Veil - Extremely helpful for getting rid of threats early on. Since you only need 5-6 lands, you can start discarding extra lands you don't need later on, emptying their hand.

Sorin, Lord of Innistrad - Ideal in this build. Makes chump blockers that can be huge threats late game, and gets you life back against aggro match ups. Pretty much game over with Parallel Lives in play if unanswered.

Vraska the Unseen - She's the main late game removal, clearing the way so you can bash in. Her ultimate + Parallel Lives is pretty nutty.

Elvish Visionary - Card advantage. With Seance in play, you can get her back on your opponents upkeep for extra value and chump block.

Gatecreeper Vine - Your main mana fixing. Pretty awesome for thining out your deck. Again, With Seance in play, you can get her back on your opponents upkeep for deck thining and chump block.

Sigarda, Host of Herons - Needed a card in here to deal with black's antics. Only real way to deal with this card is a sweep. If they use negative counter cards, just side in Gavony Township.

Wayfaring Temple - Running one is the right number. Don't want to run to many because it's a boring draw early on with little board presence. Late game he's a beast. Use a Selesnya Charm or Rancor on him so he can get in for some population damage!

Geist-Honored Monk - Probably one of the most synergistic cards in the deck. It'll be huge coming in, and bigger with Parallel Lives in play. Used with Seance makes for an awesome block step.

Reaper from the Abyss - I needed some sort of wrath effect. The reason I like this card here is because his morbid trigger doesn't say "Non-Token Creatures." So the number of tokens your opponent is going to have to be killing off to stay alive will trigger the morbid ability left and right. To be even trickier, use him with Seance.

Seance - This card lets you get extra value out of almost everything. I needed some sort of draw engine, and used with Elvish Visionary and Gatecreeper Vine fulfills that.

Rancor - Helps kill off bigger creatures when used on smaller tokens, and when used with Wayfaring Temple, you can get in to populate.

Parallel Lives - This is what makes the token swarm deck, swarm.

Collective Blessing - Game ender. If they can't deal with this when it drops, GG.

Selesnya Charm - So many options, it's a necessity. If you can, use it's first ability on Wayfaring Temple so you can populate.

Abrupt Decay - Spot removal.

Lingering Souls - Arguably the best stalling card ever. Even better in Planeswalker decks.



This looks pretty formidable, Vraska the Unseen is Godly card. Excited to see what else RTR produces. The flow of this is great.+1'd

September 5, 2012 7:20 p.m.

Ohthenoises says... #2

I think you need a way for Wayfaring Temple to ensure that he hits for the populate. To that end I think you need 2-3 Rancor as you can use it on everything without fear that it will be a dead draw. (Also, it would work for Vraska the Unseen 's Assassin tokens)

September 5, 2012 7:39 p.m.

C4rnif3X says... #3

Good idea.. I'm trying to keep the mana curve where it's at right now. I don't think I need card:Avacyn's Pilgrim as much as I thought I did. 25 lands plus Gatecreeper Vine s gets you the land you need early. So I might switch them out.

September 5, 2012 8:11 p.m.

Timekeeper says... #4

As soon as I saw Vraska's ultimate, I thought of how great that would work with populate and co. Glad to see someone else thought the same, and I look forward to seeing how well this deck works.

September 6, 2012 12:37 a.m.

zandl says... #5

-2 Forest , -2 Plains , +4 Temple Garden .

September 7, 2012 3:08 p.m.

There are some great synergies here! I love the super friends, I love the token base. Not a fan of some cards, like Goldnight Redeemer , Dreg Mangler , and Sigarda, Host of Herons , however I love Wayfaring Temple and Geist-Honored Monk .

Overall the deck is pretty beast and flows really well. Hope you can perfect it, cuz this could be something pretty great, in my opinion.

September 7, 2012 3:44 p.m.

C4rnif3X says... #8

@ zandl

     Na man. I don't wanna be spending to much life. The only reason i'm using Overgrown Tomb
s is because I need a higher chance of double black for Lili, early. I usually nail all the drops I need with Gatecreeper Vine
. I don't need a lot of plains mana early. Also, I need as much basic forests as possible because they turn on Sunpetal Grove
 and Woodland Cemetery

@ iOnlyUseBigGuns

     Thanks bro, I agree Goldnight Redeemer
 and Dreg Mangler
 are kinda akward. I'm still messing around with a couple of spots. Sigarda, Host of Herons
 is beast though! I dunno what you're talking about ;) She's pretty much in there for black match-ups, or decks that run a lot of spot removal/sac'ing.
September 7, 2012 5:04 p.m.

She isn't bad by any means, but if you find yourself needing to make a cut for something else, she may not be the BEST. But if she works your local, then best to keep her.

September 7, 2012 5:13 p.m.

zandl says... #10

Um. Temple Garden and Overgrown Tomb count as Forests. So Woodland Cemetery and Sunpetal Grove come into play untapped.

In fact, if you're playing 3 colors, having just one of the shock-lands within those colors will allow any of the Core-Inni dual-lands in those colors to enter untapped.

September 7, 2012 6:40 p.m.

C4rnif3X says... #11

Oh seriously? Damn, I was thinking the shock lands just count as a regular dual lands, and make other dual lands come in tapped. But ya, I see on the shocks where it says land - forest/swamp, as opposed to regular dual lands that just say lands. Well that makes things run a lot smoother.. Thanks!

September 7, 2012 6:51 p.m.

zandl says... #12

Yeah. In 3-color decks, there's almost no real need to run Basics when you have Core/Inni duals and shock-lands.

September 7, 2012 6:52 p.m.

Ohthenoises says... #13

IMO too many 1-2 ofs. This really kills your consistency in so many ways. You have no tutors so it is just going to be painful knowing you have an answer but not being able to get at it. If they reprint Chord of Calling 1-2 ofs will be fine but with no tutor you're depending on your topdeck far too often.

September 10, 2012 12:33 a.m.

gheridarigaaz says... #14

I'd be scared to look down the barrel of a loaded vampire, gorgon or necomancer planeswalker... BUT ALL THREE!!! Damn this deck looks nasty. I'd put in a few cards to protect your offensive force like Duress and throw in a token producing threat that could abuse the populate mechanic like Back from the Brink but that's blue, so perhaps Seance would be better. I'm thinking a couple more Wayfaring Temple s and that Seance will be paying for itself. And maybe a protection/hexproofing spell to protect your most important creatures like card:Ranger's Guile or card:Apostle's Blessing in which case i hope RTR prints one that cantrips itself. Also it'd be funny to have an Essence of the Wild in, it would devastate your opponent to suddenly have to deal with an army of 6/6's that just don't stop coming. Even if they kill the original the copies will still have the same effect as the first :-)

September 11, 2012 1:03 p.m.

TParty says... #15

Jarad's Orders and Growing Ranks were both spoiled today and would be perfect for this. You can tutor some cards with Orders and get two tokens a turn with Ranks/Lives combo

September 11, 2012 2 p.m.

Lightstorm says... #16

Deck is really nice to playtest and seems to work fine. I just feel that you could replace Terminus (move to sideboard) and Parallel Lives (this is nice with tokens, but I think those token cards are enought powerful without this) with something like Abrubt Decay, which is just too good to be left out.

Your deck has good potential to be tier 1 type deck, just keep it on that way.

September 11, 2012 5:24 p.m.

Lightstorm says... #17

I would also place Grim Backwoods with shock lands, your deck is 3 colored and there is some double colored cards too. Activating it takes 5 mana from you and it doesn't sound very good even in late game. There is multiple powerful cards in the deck, I'd concentrate to them with better manabase.

September 11, 2012 5:27 p.m.

C4rnif3X says... #18

Wow, thanks guys. I made some adjustments with some of the suggestions.. I feel good about them. I'd need the actual deck in my hands to tell you if it's going to play test well. The algorithm on this play tester is wack.

@ Lightstorm

I do agree that 2x Grim Backwoods is a little excessive. I do need a some kind of card draw engine though, I am a blue player after all haha. So I trimmed it down to one. Trust me on this one. You're going to have no cards in hand, excessive tokens, with available mana to be spent late game.

I moved Terminus to the side. I just always need the option to sweep, but i'll just bring it in against the token mirror. I replaced it with Abrupt Decay .

@ gheridarigaaz

Duress is nice, but I feel it's more of a B/U control card. I just can't find a spot for it. I have enough removal to deal with a good amount of things anyway, which is what i'm focusing more on. I don't want to many Wayfaring Temple s because if I get an opening hand with him, he does nothing relevant. Drawing a one of him late game when you already have board presence is more relevant. I should add a few protection cards though you're right. It's just really hard to find a spot for anything right now, the deck is really fine tuned. Oh well we'll see what else is spoiled.

@ TParty

I put Growing Ranks in the side for sure.

September 11, 2012 6:58 p.m.

C4rnif3X says... #19

Actually I just thought of something.. If I add a Seance , then I can exile Elvish Visionary s and Gatecreeper Vine s for further card draw/deck trimming. So I cut Grim Backwoods all together instead.

September 11, 2012 7:16 p.m.

Ohthenoises says... #20

Not only that but if you manage to populate....... lol

September 11, 2012 7:18 p.m.

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