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Selesnya Enchantment aggro

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This is an enchantment aggro deck I'm planning to play on my LGS. I've playtested it against several other decks on tappedout and with local players. It seems to be holding up fine.

The gameplan is to get out a double striker as quickly as possible. Followed by exploiting Ethereal Armor's synergy with Rancor and Abundant Growth to be able to reach lethal damage when the the opponent is unable to respond.

As such the goal is to deal lethal damage during turn 4, or in rare cases turn 3.

It would appear to me that the deck has a decent match-up against most decks that run black as a main color (the Knight of Glory is very effective when you can put all the enchantments on it) or any deck that runs a medium to low amount of removal.

I was inspired to make this deck when I noticed how well Ethereal Armor worked with Brushstrider during the pre-release. It would take down plenty of creatures unassisted , enough to be well worth losing two cards if it ever died.


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Match 1:I'm up against red burn and can't get my enchantments out effectively. and lose round 1.I win round two by getting my Brushstrider up to 4 toughness from 2 ethereal armor, and he's unable to burn it. I win game three seemingly from him drawing lands.

Match 2:I'm up against R/W/U control, and lose round 1 from not being quick enough. I also lose round 2 to a massive play mistake. Playing Sigarda before combat with lethal on the board. He casts think twice, and hits a terminus. We play a third match for fun, and I lose to a similarly bad play mistake that I can't remember.

Match 3:Monoblack vampires. I win 2-1, after being unable to deal with first striking vampires effectively in one match. The board had stalled, but my opponent had a Vampire Nighthawk to outlast me.

2-1 Would have been better without that play mistake.

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