"The Church of Dusk teaches there is no gain without loss, no triumph without sacrifice, no drink of exquisite crimson without a dying gasp."

Ever since I first saw Selenia I knew I had to try and do a deck with her as the general. I decided to finally give it a go after my best friend showed me an interesting deck some other guy had done with her. I really liked his concept and the crazy combos he brewed so I drew inspiration from his idea to build my own version, I will credit him at the end of the description leaving a link to his deck for anyone interested to check it out.

This deck is all about life gain, life loss and the interactions between those 2 things. The life loss part comes primarily from the possibility to pay Selenia's ability as many times as I want at instant speed (by putting the ability on the stack the first time I pay it and then respond to it by paying it again as many times as necessary) thus draining myself to any amount of life I desire (I am limited to losing life only by multiples of 2 this way but there are ways to solve that inconvenience). Some of the combos/interactions available in this deck are the following:

  • Drain myself to low health with Selenia, Dark Angel and then use Mirror Universe, Axis of Mortality, Magus of the Mirror or Soul Conduit to exchange life with someone else and then finish them off with combat damage. Soul Conduit also allows for some politics or sneaky kill during the combat between 2 opponents by swamping the defending player's life total with someone else or myself (after an instant speed drain) resulting in his death by combat damage;

  • Repay in Kind is also to be used after a self-drain with my general (or some other source) to finish off the 3 opponents at the same time by combat damage. This win-con works specially well if I use Toxic Deluge before in order to get rid of their blockers and then attack;

  • Comboing any of the following: Exsanguinate, Children of Korlis, Tainted Sigil, Exquisite Archangel, Resolute Archangel, Debt to the Deathless or Essence Harvest with any of the following: Sanguine Bond, Defiant Bloodlord or Vizkopa Guildmage. I guess you guys can figure out all the possible combos with these cards and some others not mentioned. For example my favourite possible combo is the following one: Use Hatred to pump up one of my attacking creatures that wasn't blocked to finish off an opponent and then use Essence Harvest while Defiant Bloodlord is in play to finish off one or possibly two more opponents. There are other variations of this combo of course with other cards available in the deck, but that is my favourite combination;

  • Triskaidekaphobia, now this is a funny card that I definitly had to include, it can be an unexpected and janky win-con, obviously it won't work every time but when somehow you manage to pull it off it will give you, without a doubt, some style points. Now the ways avaible to pull this off are:

1- Draining any number of opponents with the draining spells available on the deck;

2- Drain yourself with any of the possible ways the deck provides and then swaping your life total with the desired opponent;

3- Tree of Perdition.

  • Near-Death Experience, just like the card mentioned above, this one had to be here, despite being another win-con hard to pull off. I guess by now I don't even need to explain how to use it, the deck itself and the examples mentioned above are self explanatory but the best way to win with it would be to flash it in with Vedalken Orrery at the end turn of the player before you, and then drain yourself. Platinum Angel, Phyrexian Unlife and Angel's Grace are cards that can help you if things go wrong when using either this win-con or any of the others that leave you very low;

  • Another possibility is to drain yourself to 0 while Platinum Angel or Phyrexian Unlife are in play and then swap life with someone else. A variation of this win-con that I prefer and is more effective is putting on the stack the trigger of exchanging life then put on top of it the trigger(s) of draining your life to 0, usually nobody will respond to this and will allow it to resolve because if it does you actually lose, so after making sure nobody wants to respond but before it all resolves you cast Angel's Grace which has split-second so nobody will be able to respond after that, it all resolves on the correct order so that you can't lose the game, you still get drained to 0 because the second ability of Angel's Grace is specific to damage not to life loss, then the exchange life trigger will also resolve and take someone out of the game;

  • City of Brass, Caves of Koilos, Grand Coliseum, Underworld Connections, Wall of Blood and Pristine Talisman are cards that can change your life from an even to an uneven number at instant speed if necessary in order to drain yourself to the exact amount of life you want with Selenia, Dark Angel.


  • Evra, Halcyon Witness, looks like WotC made this card specifically for this deck, really have to get it!

I probably forgot about some of the things the deck can do but that's about it. Any suggestions or feedback would be welcome.

Credit to Tomer Abramovici who built the deck that inspired me to build this one, here is the link to his deck.


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