So you like to live life on the edge?

So you want power?

What will you give to get what you want?

This is a combo oriented EDH deck based around life totals. The goal is to manipulate your life total for tremendous value, which often requires dropping to 0 life (which Selenia's activated ability allows you to do from any even life total). Necropotence goes from being a very strong card draw engine into becoming the single most unfair card draw engine while also setting up your combos and evening your life total. Nice.

Typical combos include:

-Angel's Grace/ Lich /Phyrexian Unlife/ Soul Echo + Mirror Universe /Repay in Kind/Soul Conduit/Reverse the Sands

-Angel's Grace/ Lich /Phyrexian Unlife/ Soul Echo + Ad Nauseam + any other kill combo

- False Cure /Tainted Remedy + Beacon of Immortality/any life swap if the gap is large enough

-Exquisite Blood + Sanguine Bond/Vizkopa Guildmage

-Hatred + Selenia, Dark Angel + 18 or more life

-Lots of Mana + Debt to the Deathless

-3 or less life + Reverse the Sands/ Mirror Universe /Soul Conduit + attack with Selenia, Dark Angel

This deck takes advantage of not caring tremendously about its life total, meaning it can afford to take more attacks than the average deck since those attacks just help you hit 0 (or near it). Nonetheless, it runs some sweepers and targeted removal to keep the game somewhat in check until it can assemble a combo to win or start picking off opponents.

It's worth noting that when piloting this deck it is generally to your advantage to keep your life total even when able. With an even life total you can use Selenia's ability to drop your life total by increments of two any number of times (just hold priority) until your life total hits 0. From there you can go for a combo kill if needed. There are many tools which help maintain an even life total, ranging from pain lands to necro style effects. Be sure not to neglect these, as there's little more dissatisfying than failing to combo off because you accidentally cast Hatred for 18 instead of 19.

Inspired by:

Inspired By Ulka's "Selenia, Life Swapping" on mtg salvation


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