This deck started out as one of my earliest 60 card go to's when onslaught was released. It has been torn apart and remade more times than I can remember and was mono green most of its life. Fast forward many years and now it's tri color with blue and black added, it's EDH now, and has a gorgon as a commander. How in the world did I get to this?

CREATURES. I love creature decks, specifically tribal decks, and I pack the decks really heavy with them. The key is to keep the bodies flowing onto the board and overwhelm. Mono green in EDH was underwhelming to me with this deck, especially with how much you can gain by splashing another color into a deck. Green/black didn't have many commanders I was interested in but I liked the addition of black elves and some removal cards. Blue let me get through my deck faster, which is fantastic but I found myself removing too many cards I wanted, just to be able to draw cards faster.

Enter Damia. She lets me replenish my hand every damn turn and I can resummon her if need be(hopefully I just have some kind of hexproof). Holy elves batman. They will be flying out of your hand like crazy, along with all the sweet enchantments and goodies in the deck. She may be expensive but you will have a lot of mana ramp with elves that produce mana and elvish guidance. I would like to get more ramp in but this deck is fun enough as is.

I play nothing but living room matches with friends so I try to keep my decks casual which means usually no cards over 20 dollars unless we physically opened it in a pack.


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